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Itziar Calvar replied to Filip Teply's discussion Looking for Grindeurs/Melangers in Europe
"Good morning Filip, Well, I can tell you from experience that finding a good grindeur/melanger in Europe is going to set you back a good amount of money because of the very incredibly little availability there is and the shocking monopoly that…"
1 hour ago
David Menkes replied to David Menkes's discussion Bean to bar viscosity after adding sugar
"Very interesting. So adding cocoa butter will keep viscosity down. How can you tell if you're grinding excessively?"
9 hours ago
Terry Wakefield replied to David Menkes's discussion Bean to bar viscosity after adding sugar
"Depending on what kind of grinder you are using, excessive grinding will exponentially increase the aggregate surface area of the particles in the chocolate.  When this happens, there can be insufficient cocoa butter to fully coat all of the…"
9 hours ago
Dario M. Agesilao replied to Hong L's discussion Introduction with a few questions
"well, I'm from argentina, so I can't help you that much, but about the molds, polycarbonate molds needs an inyection die, that costs a lot of money to do, so if you are not going to make a lot of molds, really a lot, I don't think it…"
9 hours ago
Preston Stewart is now friends with Erin and patricia gowans
10 hours ago
David Menkes replied to David Menkes's discussion Bean to bar viscosity after adding sugar
"Wow thank you so much for specific roasting times/temps!"
11 hours ago
Rodney Nikkels replied to David Menkes's discussion Bean to bar viscosity after adding sugar
"Dear David,  The Conacado beans are normally well fermented but quite acidic. So you would need to roast them adequately and than grind them for the first 12 hours (we roast at 130 degrees C for around 45 minutes, using a ball roast). During…"
12 hours ago
Larry replied to David Menkes's discussion Bean to bar viscosity after adding sugar
"I was curious about this as well. I searched "purple cocoa bean quality" and found this useful page.  Fully purple bean is a bright purple colour, and may have the cheesy texture of slately beans. Such…"
12 hours ago
Preston Stewart added a discussion to the group Startup Central

Chocolate Tempering Machines from

I've been on the lookout for a good mid-capacity (20-30kg) tempering machine.  While searching for them, I found some reasonably priced wheel-style tempering machines from which seems to be a sourcing site and most of them seemed to be made in China.  Does anybody have any experience with these machines?  Are the of comparable quality and design as their counterparts that they look exactly alike?See More
12 hours ago
Preston Stewart joined Clay Gordon's group

Startup Central

Are you looking to start a chocolate business? Want to talk to others who've been there or done that - or have you been there and done it and want to share with others? This is the place to discuss it.
12 hours ago
Raj replied to ALEX's discussion New working place plan in the group Startup Central
"Hi Would like to have more info on fbm 5.5 . Thanks"
13 hours ago
thechocolateclubhk commented on Vera Hofman's photo

Cacao Hunters

"Hi Vera, May I ask where you did you get them? Thanks! Katie"
14 hours ago
Chirag Bhatia replied to David Menkes's discussion Bean to bar viscosity after adding sugar
"Hi Sebastian, after I read this, i got curious and cut 50 of the beans i have in half. Almost all of them are purple/purpilsh inside. i was wondering what this tells you about the beans"
18 hours ago
Dario M. Agesilao posted a discussion
23 hours ago
Dario M. Agesilao left a comment for Mark Gerrits
"Saludos! que bueno estamos cerca!!"
23 hours ago
Dario M. Agesilao and Mark Gerrits are now friends
23 hours ago
Nicholas Whebell replied to Clay Gordon's discussion Group Review - Fortunato #4
"I tried one of these in Australia the other week as my father bought some. Its not often that I get to sit down and just enjoy chocolate any more. Anyway, my father told me about it first and said it was Tasmanian chocolate (the reason he bought it)…"
Deborah replied to Deborah's discussion selling chocolates in the group Startup Central
"Thanks Milford. I also sell organic chocolate and my biggest ones are 1 1/4 oz which I have been selling for $3. So too cheap eh? But it is at the markets. I sell this size to cafes for $2 each. this is in Australian dollars. cheers Deborah"
Sebastian replied to John Duxbury's discussion Milk chocolate changing color
"Generally speaking, it's almost impossible for a single bar of chocolate to be 'defective' due to the way their processed."
Milford Dennison replied to Deborah's discussion selling chocolates in the group Startup Central
"I'm a bean to bar chocolate maker and I sell my 2oz organic bar for $6 and I no people selling 1.76oz for. $8"

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Looking for Grindeurs/Melangers in Europe

Started by Filip Teply in Where to Buy. Last reply by Itziar Calvar 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

Hi everyone,I'm looking for Grindeurs/Melangers with maximum capacity 4kg. Do you know about any brands or any shops in Europe?Thank you for answers.FilipContinue

Bean to bar viscosity after adding sugar

Started by David Menkes in Micro-Batch "Homebrew" Chocolate. Last reply by David Menkes 9 hours ago. 17 Replies

I'm experimenting with some conacado Dominican Republic at home, and after grinding for 24 hours I had super low viscosity (almost like water) with a super-small micron size. After adding sugar (30% to make a 70% bar) and grinding for another 24…Continue

Introduction with a few questions

Started by Hong L in Allow Me to Introduce Myself. Last reply by Dario M. Agesilao 9 hours ago. 5 Replies

Hi, my name is Hong Le from Los Angeles.  I've been working as a web programmer in the internet sector for half of my life.  I figure it's about time I try something new and why not get into something that I'm passionate about.  I love chocolate and…Continue

800 gr. half an easter egg :D

Started by Dario M. Agesilao in Tasting Notes 23 hours ago. 0 Replies


Group Review - Fortunato #4

Started by Clay Gordon in Tasting Notes. Last reply by Nicholas Whebell yesterday. 23 Replies

This is the first in what I hope will be a regular series (at least quarterly) of Group Reviews, a new feature for 2014 here on TheChocolateLife.The idea behind the reviews is to get members to contribute their opinions about chocolates that are…Continue

Milk chocolate changing color

Started by John Duxbury in Tasting Notes. Last reply by Sebastian yesterday. 7 Replies

Hello All.  I've been using Peters Broc milk chocolate for about a year with no problem.  Today I pulled the third bar out of a box that I've been using this week.  I tempered it and it remained in the machine (Delta) for about an hour before I use…Continue

Temper Machine and Chocolate Melter?

Started by Chocolate Woman in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Last reply by Larry yesterday. 4 Replies

Do you need both a chocolate melter machine and a temper machine?  Or does the temper machine do the melting as well?Continue

Enrobing question

Started by Corey Meyer in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Last reply by Clay Gordon yesterday. 3 Replies

Question for you all. Using an enrober, how do you enrobe things without them falling into the chocolate? Confectioners sugar on marshmallows for example. If it falls into the tempered chocolate, what does this do to the chocolate?

Callebaut Chocolate Academy

Started by matt black in Opinion. Last reply by david smith on Monday. 5 Replies

 Has anyone ever attended the Callebaut Chocolate Academy Classes??  Any thoughts about your experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...Continue

Cutting marshmallows

Started by Corey Meyer in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Last reply by Kerry on Monday. 1 Reply

We make our own marshmallows and enrobe them in chocolate. We have tried cutting them using a knife, pizza cutter and caramel cutter (6 blade rollers). All of them get sticky with marshmallow every pass. Does anyone else have any ideas? I considered…Continue

Tags: tricks, cutting, Marshmallow


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And I found Caxao Artisan Chocolates in Little Italy, as…


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