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FINE & RAW chocolate factory added a discussion to the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted

FBM Chocolate Laboratory Machine for Sale

We are currently selling our FBM machine.  Excellent condition.Please e-mail Ryann at for more details.Many thanks,FINE & RAWSee More
40 minutes ago
FINE & RAW chocolate factory left a comment for Brian Flick
"Hey Brian,  Just received your message inquiring about the 3-roll mill. Wanna call me at 718-366-3633 to chat about it? Ryann"
54 minutes ago
FINE & RAW chocolate factory and Brian Flick are now friends
56 minutes ago
Dave Huston replied to Dave Huston's discussion Scaling Up Refining Times Based on Weight? in the group Home Brew Chocolate
"Hey Andy, I've been infusing peppers into melted cocoa butter overnight.  I then strain out the peppers and the cocoa butter has the flavor and heat/spice of the peppers. Independent of that process, I make my chocolate (beans and sugar…"
1 hour ago
KREBS Chocolate sprayer posted photos
5 hours ago
KREBS Chocolate sprayer replied to Ismael Neggaz's discussion Airbrush
"Hi Omar, If a thinner viscosity then the KREBS oilSPRAY will be better than the multiSPRAY as you will get minimal over spray.  You might want to try the R8 nozzle also.  Off course, there is no heating on the oilSPRAY gun. KREBS Guns "
5 hours ago
Dale Anderson replied to John Duxbury's discussion Cutting jellies in the group Startup Central
"John, In my experience with jellies and caramels, bottoming is definitely possible and helpful as a smooth surface for dipping. Un-tempered chocolate is best, as it cuts more easily (tempered chocolate will fracture). If you don't lay too thick…"
5 hours ago
Andy Koller replied to Dave Huston's discussion Scaling Up Refining Times Based on Weight? in the group Home Brew Chocolate
"Hi Dave, i forgot to ask you one thing: When do you add your flavors into the chocolate? I mean at what stage?Also do you add it in form of very fine grained substance or in which form are the flavours added? That would interest me, as I only have…"
10 hours ago
Sabrina M posted a discussion

Santha Vs Cocoatown

Hi there,I'm looking to purchase either the Santha Spectra 65 or the Cocoatown ECGC 65 and wanted to see if anyone has experience using both these units and how they compare to each other?I've been using smaller Spectra models, and I've had issues with the belt breaking. But my understanding is that the 65 runs uses a gear drive, so I should have have these issues?Any insights would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,SabrinaSee More
11 hours ago
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The DiscoverChoc Daily is out! Stories via @JanineJust @WhyTheFudgeNot

The DiscoverChoc Daily

The DiscoverChoc Daily, by Clay Gordon: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Facebook12 hours ago · Reply
Mack Ransom replied to Mack Ransom's discussion After cleaning a Santha melanger, there are minute brown chocolate spots from water... in the group Startup Central
"I ended up running it with hot water, cleaning with a toothbrush, then I took the stone wheels off so I could be sure it was dry in the axle. It was yucky inside the axle, glad I opened that up. It is very clean right now. But it's a lot of…"
13 hours ago
Copan Chocolate, LLC posted a status
16 hours ago
Copan Chocolate, LLC updated their profile
16 hours ago
Mack Ransom added 2 discussions to the group Startup Central
16 hours ago
Beryl Wells Hamilton replied to Beryl Wells Hamilton's discussion Meadowlands Chocolate, Bean-to-Bar, KICKSTARTER announcement
"Would anyone be able to give us some tips and pointers for getting the word out about Meadowlands Chocolate's Kickstarter campaign? Kickstarter has been very successful for several other bean-to-bar chocolate makers. We have a great product and…"
17 hours ago
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5. 100% hand made

Added by Clay Gordon on July 16, 2014

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18 hours ago
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Started by Ismael Neggaz in Where to Buy. Last reply by KREBS Chocolate sprayer 5 hours ago. 3 Replies

Hi all,I'm trying to buy airbrush to spray cocoa butter into molds.When I looked on line I found the airbrush come with different noodles nozzle from 2mm 5mm........Which air brush should I buy.Any advice.Thank youContinue

Santha Vs Cocoatown

Started by Sabrina M in Opinion 11 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hi there,I'm looking to purchase either the Santha Spectra 65 or the Cocoatown ECGC 65 and wanted to see if anyone has experience using both these units and how they compare to each other?I've been using smaller Spectra models, and I've had issues…Continue

Tags: Grinders, Cocoatown, Santha

Meadowlands Chocolate, Bean-to-Bar, KICKSTARTER announcement

Started by Beryl Wells Hamilton in New Product Press. Last reply by Beryl Wells Hamilton 17 hours ago. 1 Reply

Greetings fellow chocolate lovers and chocolate makers! Clyo and I have been so busy making chocolate and getting our business going, that we haven't had much time to post here. However, we have learned a lot from The Chocolate Life people who post…Continue

Tags: handcrafted, new, company, kickstarter, chocolate

Which Chocolate Spray Gun to Purchase?

Started by Sam in Tech Help. Last reply by KREBS Chocolate sprayer yesterday. 23 Replies

Hi!Any one can guide on which chocolate spray gun to purchase?Continue

Tags: gun, chocolate

Chocolate Spraying

Started by Colin Green in Geek Gear - Cool Tools. Last reply by Jim Greenberg yesterday. 32 Replies

I have a small pan for panning chocolate covered coffee beans. Building up by pouring choccolate takes forever and is a vast waste of time. It is also something of an art as if I go too fast I get "doubles" (where the product joins together). If I…Continue

Tags: coating, spraying

Display boxes for chocolate bars

Started by Meira Neggaz in Where to Buy. Last reply by Shalini Latour yesterday. 3 Replies

Hi everyone,We are a small chocolate company based out of DC - we are looking for ideas on displaying our bars.  We have a few stores who have improvised displays of our bars - in baskets, or in tea type boxes, or on risers, but now some new stores…Continue

Anyone use the Krebs LM45 spraygun?

Started by Serena ML in Uncategorized. Last reply by KREBS Chocolate sprayer yesterday. 1 Reply

I am looking to purchase an airbrush/spraygun that is food safe.  The only designated food safe item that I could find is the Krebs LM45.  I've seen relevant posts on this topic but I'd like to hear more from others who've had experience with the…Continue

Air Brushing & Table Top Depositor

Started by Karen H. in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Last reply by KREBS Chocolate sprayer yesterday. 30 Replies

Hello EveryoneI'm a little new to the chocolate world!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been doing it has a hobby for some years and now want to expand. I was looking into purchasing a air brush machine and depositor (table top) and wanted some suggestions. I'm…Continue

Does anyone know good chocolate sprayers?

Started by Mark Simpson in Where to Buy. Last reply by KREBS Chocolate sprayer yesterday. 7 Replies

I'm looking for a device to spray liquid chocolate onto baked goods, does anyone know what works well?Continue

Tags: spray, chocolate

Sprayer for Chocolate

Started by Chef Dave in Opinion. Last reply by KREBS Chocolate sprayer yesterday. 2 Replies

What is the best spray gun for chocolate? I heard that Krebs guns are good, looking for info from anyone who has used them or any other brand. Need to find the best gun for misting chocolate.Continue

Tags: krebs, sprayer, chocolate, gun, spray


Support Clay's International Travels and Support TheChocolateLife!

June 2014 marks the first open meeting for Direct Cacao - a new association that is working hard to help create direct sourcing relationships between chocolate makers and cocoa growers around the world.

I would like to go, but my resources for international travel are limited and I don't have a consulting client who'll pick up my expenses. I've already been to the CHOCOA conference on sustainable cocoa earlier this year, and am looking forward to returning to Europe in October for the ORIGIN Chocolate conference. I am also going back to Peru for the Salon del Cacao y Chocolate in July and want to return to Ecuador for ANECACAO at the end of August.

$2000 will cover all expenses to go to Direct Cacao. Any other monies raised will go towards other travel opportunities. These are not tax-deductible contributions. However, if you do appreciate the resources and the community TheChocolateLife provides - completely free of charge - please consider a donation. As in the past, I will be blogging and uploading photos during my travels. I will be collecting donations (via PayPal) into the first week in June.

:: Clay

[Note: PayPal account is in the name of WebWideGuides.]

Blog Posts

Perú and the 2014 Salon del Cacao y Chocolate - Part 2

Posted by Clay Gordon on July 15, 2014 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

Here I am with Roberto Granja of Transmar, one of the larger cacao companies in Ecuador. Roberto was at last year's Salon as well and they buy production from San Martin and Huanuco in Perú as well as other places.

Above: I am wearing a real Panama hat. Although they are called…


Perú and the 2014 Salon del Cacao y Chocolate - Part 1

Posted by Clay Gordon on July 15, 2014 at 1:46pm 1 Comment

The 5th annual Salon del Cacao y Chocolate was held in Lima, Perú July 4-6. This was followed up by La Ruta del Cacao, a trip into la selva (the jungle) in and around Tarapoto in San Martin province July 7-9. I was one of a group of more than 20 invited international guests who attended both the Salon and La Ruta.

As with last year, the two events were organized and enjoyed the support of a broad range of organizations and government ministries including the Perúvian federal…


Choco Files

Posted by ChocoFiles on July 7, 2014 at 12:51pm 0 Comments

You can check out my reviews of the chocolates I've tasted at Choco Files. I also explain my review philosophy and I'm adding more and more files with my ratings for each bar.

Yabisi Kakaw : Rebooting Puerto Rico's cacao heritage. | Kickstarter Campaign | FINAL DAYS!

Posted by José Crespo on June 29, 2014 at 8:16am 0 Comments

Hello everyone,


For quite some time now,  I’ve been in love and fascinated with theobroma cacao, the plant. Whose seed was once used as currency in pre-columbian civilizations in South America  I live in Puerto Rico, one of the places the Spanish conquistadors brought seeds and and started commercial production in the 17th century. Historical records show that along with ginger, cacao was the main agricultural crop at that…


Introducing to My Self

Posted by Maroun Milan on June 28, 2014 at 9:58am 0 Comments

25 Years in chocolate and pastry business , i design pastry and chocolate and design Special Machinery i have more than 180 customers around the world , i give ideas and know how , sometime recipe , i help to provide chefs , machines . material , to share you any question in business start up even mechanical or electrical problems in your machine 

i hope i get good friends from this site since i belong to this business and chocolate life

Amsterdam's chocolate places

Posted by Sweet matter physicist on June 11, 2014 at 4:00am 0 Comments

Amsterdam is not only an extremely pretty city. It also offers some great options for chocolate lovers and its chocolate scene was growing fast during the last few years, so I now list the best Amsterdam chocolate locations on my blog. There are many very decent chocolatiers and some really excellent ones. There is a fantastic chocolate bar shop specialized in high quality single origin chocolates.…


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