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Luvin Paryani replied to Marinko Biskic's discussion india grinder 40l= 1500 USD ??
"1. To prevent the motor from overheating- I have 2 cooling fans as opposed to 1 on stock machines. Also, the bottom cabinet/frame where the motor is placed has holes made on the on its sides as well as at the bottom for air circulation to prevent…"
1 hour ago
Priya Mankotia added a discussion to the group Chocolate In India

How to get proper round shape Truffles

Hi All,I m new to this group and glad that I have joined it as mant at times one might have doubts or queries to share and discuss but there was no forum to discuss it.I'm a Chocolatier from Bangalore and recently I had made it as my profession. Just one problem which m facing is m not able to get that proper round shaped Truffles, some or the other way they become distorted even after using the tools.I basically dip it in the chocolate and take out with fork. But after 5 or 6 the chocolate…See More
2 hours ago
Tom Bauweraerts replied to Dirke Botsford's discussion Tempering & enrobing system advice
"Hi Dirke,  I don't want to enter in sales talk, that's not why I replied to your message.   Just a good advice is to test well the machine for several hours and days and then you can decide which machine is good for your needs…"
2 hours ago
Priya Mankotia joined Clay Gordon's group

Chocolate In India

Along with Australia and Hawaii, a very large number of ChocolateLife members are in India. ChocolateLife member Subhashini Rajasekaran asked me to put together this group as a place to gather and discuss.See More
2 hours ago
Giuseppe replied to Dirke Botsford's discussion Tempering & enrobing system advice
"Dirke, small tempering machines with enrober are smaller capacity machines. And less expansive machines. Enrober width is 180 mm. Our competitor entrober, on bigger capacity machines, is 200 mm wide. What do you think? When you do enrobe is the…"
2 hours ago
Tom Bauweraerts replied to Dirke Botsford's discussion Tempering & enrobing system advice
"Hi Dirke,  you can consider a small tempering machine with a small enrober, but what will you do with the machine when you grow your business?  Their enrobing quality is not 100% and it limits your growth. You also need to look at a…"
3 hours ago
Profile IconTheChocolateLife via Facebook

The DiscoverChoc Daily is out! Stories via @WorldCocoa @AftelierPerfume @nycstylecannoli

The DiscoverChoc Daily

The DiscoverChoc Daily, by Clay Gordon: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Facebook5 hours ago · Reply
Marinko Biskic replied to Marinko Biskic's discussion india grinder 40l= 1500 USD ??
"Thanks, I asked for a quote. What modifications did you do on grinder?"
6 hours ago
Linda R updated their profile
7 hours ago
Linda R added a discussion to the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted

spectra 10 Melanger for Sale--Used Twice

spectra 10 Melanger for Sale--Used TwiceWhen I first decided to make chocolate, I had the lofty goal of making it from the bean. Then reality sunk in, after two attempts at making chocolate from the bean.  The machine has since been sitting in a box.  In an attempt to de-clutter my place, I now want to sell it. Contact me if you're interested.  I've posted a video of the melanger if you wish to take a look.  it is in pristine condition, which it should be given that I used it only twice.  Here…See More
7 hours ago
Profile IconLinda R and Eric Putnam joined Clay Gordon's group

Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted

This is the group where ChocolateLife members can A) Advertise USED equipment for sale to other ChocolateLife members. B) Let other ChocolateLife members know that they are looking for equipment (new or used).See More
7 hours ago
Eric Putnam joined Clay Gordon's group

The Science of Chocolate

Are you interested in all the nitty gritty details of cacao and chocolate - genetics, geopolitics, agronomy, taxonomy, and the like? Then this is the group to join to take a deep dive into chocolate.
8 hours ago
Luvin Paryani replied to Marinko Biskic's discussion india grinder 40l= 1500 USD ??
"Marinko, I would suggest you get in touch with Sri Lakshmi Wet Grinders, they're said to be the pioneers of wet grinders ( I got a 20 L grinder from them and got it…"
13 hours ago
Gap replied to Keti's discussion Why does My Cocoa butter chip?
"It's hard to know from your description - many things could be at play. Your cocoa butter should be approx 32-34C when going into the sprayer. Try not to have too much colour on the moulds at once (it shouldn't be "running" into…"
13 hours ago
Sebastian and Daniel Herskovic are now friends
14 hours ago
Clay Gordon commented on Clay Gordon's video

Marou - Faiseurs de Chocolat - "Somewhere in Vietnam"

"Watch in English with French subtitles. Watch in English with Japanese subtitles."
15 hours ago
Clay Gordon posted a video

Marou - Faiseurs de Chocolat - "Somewhere in Vietnam"

Please join us as we take you along our daily adventure through the world of chocolate making in Vietnam.
15 hours ago
Keti replied to Keti's discussion Why does My Cocoa butter chip?
"I guess i should clarify that it is my colored cocoa butter that is chipping.   I am trying to put a nice color on my molded chocolate and when the chocolate releases from the mold some of the chocolates have portions of the paint…"
16 hours ago
Victor Kudryavtsev liked Vera Hofman's photo
17 hours ago
Vera Hofman posted photos
18 hours ago

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india grinder 40l= 1500 USD ??

Started by Marinko Biskic in Tech Help. Last reply by Luvin Paryani 1 hour ago. 3 Replies

Does anyone know if there's a company or a web hoax from fake company. They sent me a quote for the grinder 40lit price $ 1,500. KUMAARINDUSTRIES.CO.IN…Continue

Tempering & enrobing system advice

Started by Dirke Botsford in Opinion. Last reply by Tom Bauweraerts 2 hours ago. 7 Replies

Currently looking for a tempering system with the idea of having an enrobing line to attach to it later down the road. I was looking at the Chocovision 3z as I like their equipment and their support is first class but they are still working on an…Continue

Why does My Cocoa butter chip?

Started by Keti in Tech Help. Last reply by Gap 13 hours ago. 2 Replies

I have been having a problem with my Cocoa butter chipping when removing it from my molds.   I have tempered it and it has a beautiful shine when it comes out but some of them have portions of the cocoa butter chipped off.  I am using a spray gun…Continue

Questions about cocoa beans

Started by Franzi in Allow Me to Introduce Myself yesterday. 0 Replies

Hello,I am new to this forum and have a few questions to all the bean-to-bar chocolatiers. I have a friend in Trinidad & Tobago who knows several cocoa farmers and would like to start a little trade business selling the beans to chocolatiers. I…Continue

Tags: farmers, export, Trinitario, buy, sell

Fat Bloom, fat migration, under tempering? Wonder what it could be (pictures attached)

Started by Louwegi in Tech Help. Last reply by Louwegi on Monday. 7 Replies

Hi, I made some Dark chocolate yesterday and the bars already have white spots on them. The white spots are exactly where the inclusions (soaked and dehydrated Almonds) are. Is this Fat Migration, or a tempering issue ?Chocolate Bars set up in a…Continue

Chocolate Delivery by Courier

Started by Amit Arora in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on Monday. 0 Replies

Any suggestions on packaging for Courier of Chocolates in country like India so that quality is maintained. Continue

Tags: by, delivery, chocolate, ecommerce, courier

Refrigerated Chocolate Display for Chocolates

Started by Amit Arora in Where to Buy on Monday. 0 Replies

Can you suggest a company which can supply Refrigerated Display Unit for Chocolates available in India as we require it for our new store. Display should maintain required Temperature and RH. Continue

Tags: Chocolate, for, Refrigerated, Display

private label bars

Started by Bill in Where to Buy. Last reply by Sue foster on Sunday. 2 Replies

Hi allI am looking for a company to make some private label bars for all our restaurants. We are looking for approx 3oz milk and dark . Does anyone know of a company that can help.Thx!!Continue

Tags: bars, chocolate, label, private

Cracking cocoa beans using a Brazilian coffee sheller

Started by Clay Gordon in Geek Gear - Cool Tools. Last reply by Ilya Snowdon on Sunday. 14 Replies

A ChocolateLife member in Hawaii recently sent me pictures of a Brazilian-made coffee sheller that they've been using in a lab in the University of Hawaii to crack cacao beans for winnowing.One of the things that makes this device interesting (apart…Continue

Small-scale (under 100kg) chocolate making equipment

Started by Clay Gordon in Tech Help. Last reply by Ilya Snowdon on Sunday. 9 Replies

Many of the new generation of craft chocolate makers start out using a 5-liter stone grinder sourced from India. They're great when you're in a startup mode, but issues start arising when you want to scale production - without having to get…Continue


2014 Travel and Presentation Schedule

October 3-5: NW Chocolate Festival (Seattle, WA - on the FBM stand))

October 16: Academy of Chocolate (London - presenting)

October 18: The Chocolate Show (London - presenting)

October 25: Origin Chocolate conference (Amsterdam - presenting)

October 30-Nov 1: Salon du Chocolat (Paris - visiting)

Donations always welcome to help cover the costs of international travel and to support the work required to keep TheChocolateLife running. [Note: PayPal account is in the name of WebWideGuides.]

Blog Posts

A visit with local chocolate makers

Posted by Landen Zernickow on September 15, 2014 at 6:46pm 0 Comments

Richard and I took our Root Chocolate selves over to visit another couple of local chocolate makers and we are so honored to count David and Leslie among our new chocolate - making community now! Learn more here:

Siriana Cacao

Posted by Landen Zernickow on September 11, 2014 at 3:53pm 0 Comments

Read about our experience making chocolate with Siriana Cacao today on the blog:

Thanks, Piper!

Supply chain and chocolate

Posted by Landen Zernickow on September 8, 2014 at 6:36pm 1 Comment

What does supply chain have to do with chocolate? Read more on the blog about my personal connection to supply chain consciousness!

Tempering and Bloom

Posted by Landen Zernickow on September 4, 2014 at 8:38pm 0 Comments

Check out today's post on our experience with tempering and bloom. This has been one of the most evasive parts of making chocolate and we're looking for advice from the experts. Read about our attempts and let us know what you suggest!

Advice for making chocolate at home

Posted by Landen Zernickow on September 2, 2014 at 7:14pm 2 Comments

A new blog post is up, featuring Clay Gordon's advice for making chocolate at home. Enjoy!

Cacao Sampaka

Posted by Ggirl Bldr on August 30, 2014 at 11:00am 0 Comments

Cacao Sampaka

I've become a chocolate snob. Actually, I knew that, but I didn't realize how much of one I have become. Maybe I have always been one; I'm not sure. I was born into a family of chocolate aficionados after all, and my…

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