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It's Chocolate replied to It's Chocolate's discussion Pomati T5 tempering machine for sale. in the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted
"The machine works on 110 outlet. The location is North Carolina and the price does not include shipping."
10 hours ago
cheebs replied to It's Chocolate's discussion Pomati T5 tempering machine for sale. in the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted
"What is the voltage of this machine and where is it located?  Does your price include shipping?"
11 hours ago
It's Chocolate replied to It's Chocolate's discussion Pomati T5 tempering machine for sale. in the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted
"Here are the pictures of the equipment."
11 hours ago
Andre Costa replied to It's Chocolate's discussion Pomati T5 tempering machine for sale. in the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted
"Thank you! "
12 hours ago
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The DiscoverChoc Daily is out! Stories via @JornBuhring @NYMinuteMag @victorpineda

The DiscoverChoc Daily

The DiscoverChoc Daily, by Clay Gordon: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick replied to Daniel Herskovic's discussion More toffee questions...
"I am a purist. I only want butter, sugar and water in my toffee. Final temp depends on your altitude. I am at 5000 feet and I go to 300. "
cheebs and TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate are now friends
Daniel Herskovic replied to Daniel Herskovic's discussion How to make bacon and chocolate shelf stable?
"Thanks Lana! Would I be correct to assume if that I simply cook it until it is crisp and then folded it into the chocolate it is safe for several months? "
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate left a comment for TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate
"I would love to share growing, fermenting and drying techniques with any fellow cacao farmers. I am located on the coastal slopes of Costa Rica. Pura vida!!"
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate commented on Clement Olando Bobb's photo

Criollo Lanse Fourmi

"I have these growing on my farm in Costa Rica. Note the color of the mucus, I find in these pods it can be yellow or pink. Have you ever seen that before?"
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate liked Clement Olando Bobb's photo
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate commented on Clement Olando Bobb's album

Relic cocoa types in Tobago

"I love this and I have some of these trees too. A question, please post a photo of the inside (the beans,) and do you notice that the mucus around the beans from these criollo pods can be yellow or pink? I would love to talk more about this. Thanks"
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate commented on TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate's album

Talamanca Organica Cacao & Chocolate

"Hola, if you are interested in buying these amazing cacao beans, contact us directly, Christina Orr."
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate posted photos
Lana replied to Daniel Herskovic's discussion How to make bacon and chocolate shelf stable?
"Hi Daniel, There have been a few discussions about bacon in the past.  It's something I've definitely looked into. Here are the links:…"
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate and ChocoFiles are now friends
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate liked TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate's profile
Sarah Hart replied to Melanie's discussion Wanted, conveyor for chocolates in the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted
"I have a hilliards one that I haven't been using and have been thinking I'd sell. "
TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate replied to TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate's discussion Winnower needed!! Help
"Thanks cheebs! We have lots of beans if you need."
michael donegan posted a photo

chocolate image 5 (3)

Kilbeggan handmade chocolate



I tried to make the migration happen but I couldn't make it work. I am going to have to restart the process. I have until the end of February to figure it out. Upgrading to Ning 3 means losing events, photo albums, videos, and more - which is why I am looking to find a new home.

Thanks for your patience.

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More toffee questions...

Started by Daniel Herskovic in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Last reply by Ruth Atkinson Kendrick yesterday. 1 Reply

I have been making quite a bit of toffee this holiday season and I certainly don't know everything when it comes to making this treat. I have been trying to achieve a tender texture that does not stick to one's teeth. I'm still on that searchThere…Continue

How to make bacon and chocolate shelf stable?

Started by Daniel Herskovic in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Last reply by Daniel Herskovic yesterday. 2 Replies

I know we have all seen a lot of bacon and chocolate together in the past few years. Does anyone know how to make the bacon shelf stable when combined in a chocolate confection? Does the bacon need to be candied first? I greatly look forward to…Continue

Winnower needed!! Help

Started by TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate in Tasting Notes. Last reply by TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate yesterday. 2 Replies

We are cacao farmers and chocolate makers working 4 kilos at a time. We hand winnow and we would like to either build a winnower (electric) ourselves as we are in Costa Rica or buy one. Any recommendations or pictures or designs are very much…Continue

Cocoatown ECGC-12SLTA Issues

Started by Evan Langendorf in Tech Help. Last reply by Evan Langendorf yesterday. 13 Replies

Hello Chocolatelifers!We have now been working with the cocoatown unit for about 8 months and as production increased we have recently run into some problems. I am wondering if these are common and if they have been experienced by anyone else or if…Continue

Cocoatown Melanger - ECGC-12SLTA - Leaking Chocolate - Epoxy Glue Fail

Started by CASE in Tech Help. Last reply by TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate yesterday. 3 Replies

Early this morning I discovered the machine rotating in a pool of chocolate at the base of the machine. After thorough cleaning, I discovered the plastic ring glued into the center of the granite base was turning freely. It appears the epoxy seal…Continue

Tags: problem, epoxy, glue, chocolate, leaking

adding cocoa butter when tempering

Started by Julie Lu in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Last reply by TalamancaOrganicaCacao&Chocolate yesterday. 11 Replies

Hello: I am new to chocolate and just read that it's possible to add cocoa butter when tempering to  make the chocolate more shiny and improve taste. Can anyone comment on whether this is a good idea? I would like to know before starting to do this…Continue

Damage to Chocolate - Low Temperature Exposure?

Started by baumgrenze in Tasting Notes. Last reply by baumgrenze on Friday. 2 Replies

Does anyone know if storing dark chocolate at temperatures near freezing (35-45 F) can damage it so that it becomes very difficult to retemper?I can see this happening when chocolate is shipped by truck (perhaps even colder this time of year) or by…Continue

peanut butter meltaway problem

Started by Nicole in Tasting Notes. Last reply by Nicole on Thursday. 5 Replies

I've been making a peanut butter meltaway using peanut butter, milk chocolate and coconut oil. There are times when that meltaway center develops a...texture.  It's not quite gritty, because the little lumps melt away, but it's not as smooth as I'd…Continue

DIY Winnower

Started by Donny Gagliardi in Tech Help. Last reply by Alek Dabo on Thursday. 19 Replies

Hi all, I'm looking to build a winnower and have come across a few models posted on this site. I also have the blueprints of another winnower that looks promising but cant figure out one of the steps. The blueprints are attached so if anybody has…Continue

Tags: equipment, making, chocolate, winnowing, winnower

What the Chocolate Industry Needs is A $100 Bar of Chocolate

Started by Clay Gordon in Opinion. Last reply by Annmarie Kostyk on Thursday. 99 Replies

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago speaking at the Academy of Chocolate conference, I had the great privilege of being the last speaker of the day. This enabled me to pay attention to what everybody else was saying and present a summary of…Continue


2014 Travel and Presentation Schedule

October 3-5: NW Chocolate Festival (Seattle, WA - on the FBM stand))

October 16: Academy of Chocolate (London - presenting)

October 18: The Chocolate Show (London - presenting)

October 25: Origin Chocolate conference (Amsterdam - presenting)

October 31-Nov 1: Salon du Chocolat (Paris - visiting)

Donations always welcome to help cover the costs of international travel and to support the work required to keep TheChocolateLife running. [Note: PayPal account is in the name of WebWideGuides.]

Blog Posts

Root Chocolate - Roasting Cocoa Beans with the Behmor 1600 PLUS

Posted by Landen Zernickow on December 15, 2014 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

This weekend we took our cocoa bean roasting to the next level: we christened our newest tool, the …


Root Chocolate - Thanksgiving Chocolate Tasting

Posted by Landen Zernickow on December 11, 2014 at 7:40pm 0 Comments

Last weekend, we were thankful to have Richard’s parents in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. For the occasion, we hosted a true blind chocolate tasting adventure. We pulled out Eagranie Yuh’s The Chocolate Tasting Kit (Tasting Kits) , Richard conducted a dramatic reading of the…


Root Chocolate - Marketing or Education

Posted by Landen Zernickow on December 8, 2014 at 5:42pm 0 Comments

Occasionally, while I sit at a Vietnamese restaurant, cautiously eating my standard Pho, I can’t help giggle to myself as Richard sweats and guzzles water to counteract the powerful sensations coming from his inevitably extra spicy dish. Similarly, I pass on the japapeños in Mexican cuisine and the Sriracha at Thai places. A coworker’s kid only eats food that is white and my cousins, while growing up, ate solely …



Posted by Alufoil Products Pvt Ltd. on December 8, 2014 at 6:21am 0 Comments


Root Chocolate - To cocoa butter or not to cocoa butter?

Posted by Landen Zernickow on December 6, 2014 at 10:34pm 0 Comments

To cocoa butter or not to cocoa butter?

That is the question...

We did an experiment to provide an answer to this time old question (ok, sure, we’re borrowing from Shakespeare). For this experiment, we used our favorite Madagascar beans. I think we’re now about halfway done with the giant bucket!

Let’s post some hypotheses about the two batches...

Read more here:…


Root Chocolate - Matching the Roast

Posted by Landen Zernickow on December 4, 2014 at 6:16pm 0 Comments

Last month, we visited John Nanci, the Chocolate Alchemist in Oregon. It was a lot of fun and we learned a ton about his process, ingredients, and recommendations!

One of our favorite parts of the visit was roasting a batch of cocoa beans with him. Check out our previous posts on roasting …


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