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Jack Meyer added a discussion to the group Startup Central

How does one go about getting a "Nutritional Facts" evaluation so the data can be placed on chocolate for sale?

I am in the process of getting a chocolate bar wrapper designed but have no idea as to how to go about getting the correct content for a " nutritional facts " type label for the chocolate I am making. Sure could use some advice. ThanksSee More
33 minutes ago
mariano garcia replied to mariano garcia's discussion temper environments 30 C? in the group Startup Central
"Hi Jonathan,  thanks for your comments, I answer your questions.the ambient temperature is 30C day and night 29c.The chocolate I keep it in the refrigerator at 18C. marble want temper, but I see by measuring its temperature is 28.3.tempering…"
3 hours ago
Jonathan Edelson replied to mariano garcia's discussion temper environments 30 C? in the group Startup Central
"You are going to have to find some way to chill things if you want to properly temper and store the chocolate. You don't want to use air conditioning...but will you have refrigeration?  What is the local humidity? What is the…"
4 hours ago
mariano garcia replied to mariano garcia's discussion temper environments 30 C? in the group Startup Central
"Angali thanks for your answer. in that sense you are right, but my problem is I want to make milk chocolate and white chocolate, and need to lose but my temperature and at 26C. not to do!"
4 hours ago
Anjali Gupta replied to mariano garcia's discussion temper environments 30 C? in the group Startup Central
"Hi Mariano, I live in Singapore, where the temperature is 30 C as well. I find that there is a difference in the quality of temper when the ambient temperature is high. Your chocolate will not be as shiny, and will not have the same snap. So, it…"
5 hours ago
mariano garcia added a discussion to the group Startup Central

temper environments 30 C?

I have a problem, as I do to temper if nomal temperature 30 degrees all year in my country and where I'll temeprar marble chocolate is at 28C. I do not want to use air conditioning electricity is too high. thnksSee More
5 hours ago
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The DiscoverChoc Daily is out! Stories via @SusieNorris @JornBuhring @MostlyAboutChoc - we are facing an outage!

Facebook13 hours ago · Reply
Larry replied to Larry's discussion Help with my (new to me) JKV 30 & Enobing Belt in the group Startup Central
"Well, it's been a learning day. I was able to make a lot of headway and do some practice enrobing & molding. :) From my issues above, I didn't burn any chocolate perhaps because I was very cautious about melting it slowly & only…"
15 hours ago
Carol added a discussion to the group Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted

6 Red Snowflake Candy/Presentation Boxes (Medium Size) With Candy Trays

Medium Square Box with attached white ribbon5 3/4 x 5 3/4 x 3"Festive white snowflakes on red box.1piece auto-hinged box with clear window in the lid.Candy trays are included (2 for each box)If not using the trays, a food safe barrier such as a clear cello sheet or cello bag is recommended rather than packing boxes for direct food contact.  Just open the attached hinged lid, add your product, tie off with the attached ribbon.$15.00For ease of purchase, here is the ebay listing…See More
19 hours ago
Mia Natsume posted a status
"Searching for a rental tempering machine in the Los Angeles area for Nov. 28-29 or thereabouts. Thank you!"
21 hours ago
Vera Hofman posted photos
21 hours ago
Larry added a discussion to the group Startup Central

Help with my (new to me) JKV 30 & Enobing Belt

Hi and thanks for taking a few minutes to lend a hand.I bought a pair of JKV 30s and the 180mm enrobing belt this. They are 1987 models, so they've been around awhile.I have them cleaned up and as I'm testing the machine there are four things that I'm trying to figure out.1. Before putting chocolate in the machine I added a few gallons of water to test the heating. Where the water was in the tank was fine it heated nicely. However the top of the machine and the sloped side got VERY hot. I…See More
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The DiscoverChoc Daily is out! Stories via @Compartes @standardcocoa @LCDelaviuda

The DiscoverChoc Daily

The DiscoverChoc Daily, by Clay Gordon: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

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Devin Laura Giles posted a photo
Devin Laura Giles updated their profile
Jason Walter replied to Jason Walter's discussion Adjusting the process for flavors in the group The Science of Chocolate
"I left out that I purchased it second hand.That removes the last option although I wondered if the 2 stones rubbing together every made any stone dust & how that would effect the end product. Now I know. I have another supply of beans from a…"
David Menkes replied to Jason Walter's discussion Adjusting the process for flavors in the group The Science of Chocolate
"Couple possibilities: * Beans are underfermented (can give a metallic finish) * Could be over or under roasted * Could have stone residue in your new grinder (try running another batch through with the same roast)"
Jason Walter replied to Jason Walter's discussion Adjusting the process for flavors in the group The Science of Chocolate
"I used a behmor 1600. Set it for 1 lb 18 mins but started cooling at 16 1/2 mins when it tarting popping. It was my first time roasting cocoa"
Laura Oudinot updated their profile
Chocolique - Australia updated their profile

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Continous machine FBM - Selmi : quality temper + one machine for all colours?

Started by Chocolique - Australia in Opinion yesterday. 0 Replies

I am looking to buy an automatic tempering machine.  Does anyone have experience with a FBM Proxima or Selmi plus ex?  I am particularly interested to know how well tempered the chocolate is that comes out and does this quality remains the same all…Continue

Tags: machine, tempering, continous

Samoa: the Chocolate Treasure Island of the Pacific

Started by Howard & Hanna Frederick in Travels & Adventures on Friday. 0 Replies

Have finally had time to start a open-to-the-public Pinterest board about Samoan cocoa. Did you know that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote ‘Treasure Island’ while he was in Samoa. That’s why we call Samoa the ‘…Continue

Tags: robert, louis, stevenson, island, treasure

Chocolate packagings manufacturers in Florida

Started by Dorottya Udvardy in Tasting Notes on Friday. 0 Replies

Hi there choco fansI need help finding packaging manufacturers in Florida, a printing house for the chocolate wrapping and a good display printing company or all in one, that would be the best solution actually.Google doesn't seem to be enough,…Continue

Couverture suitable for India climate

Started by Arti Jain in Tasting Notes on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Hi,Please help me in understanding  wheather couverture chocolate is suitable for Indian climate ?When it will be sent across at various places through courier will it be able to withstand the Indian heat ?What should be done to avoid any sort of…Continue

Difficulty tempering my own chocolate in Chocovision Revolation x3210

Started by kyle wilson in Micro-Batch "Homebrew" Chocolate. Last reply by kyle wilson on Wednesday. 2 Replies

Hey,I am a new member to this site hoping someone may be able to help me with tempering my chocolate, I roast myself.I am able to temper it perfectly by hand, but for some reason I can't seem to get it right with the chocovision machine. The…Continue

Any recipe for hot thick chocolate preparation to be used in a chocolate machine at a market stall?

Started by Porfyra in Recipes. Last reply by Dan Lantonio on Tuesday. 1 Reply

Hi all, I 've seen a similar post in this forum but it didn't quite answer my question so I would appreciate any advice from you. We are planning to have a stand at a market selling thick hot chocolate using our new machine (Camurri). The issue is…Continue

Fbm Prima

Started by Calum in Tech Help. Last reply by Calum on Tuesday. 4 Replies

Hi folks,I have been offered an ex display Prima and enrober attachment at a reasonable price.The machine has less than 5 hours working time so it's essentially new. This would be our first continuous temperer and enrober, we currently have the old…Continue

Cocoatown ECGC-12SLTA Issues

Started by Evan Langendorf in Tech Help. Last reply by Evan Langendorf Nov 17. 8 Replies

Hello Chocolatelifers!We have now been working with the cocoatown unit for about 8 months and as production increased we have recently run into some problems. I am wondering if these are common and if they have been experienced by anyone else or if…Continue

What the Chocolate Industry Needs is A $100 Bar of Chocolate

Started by Clay Gordon in Opinion. Last reply by Annmarie Kostyk Nov 17. 85 Replies

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago speaking at the Academy of Chocolate conference, I had the great privilege of being the last speaker of the day. This enabled me to pay attention to what everybody else was saying and present a summary of…Continue

praline finish

Started by Alan Caldwell in Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Nov 16. 0 Replies

attached are 2 photosIm getting some real nice sheen on the praline, but theres also swirlwhat causes the swirl?any help appreciatedcheersalan Continue


2014 Travel and Presentation Schedule

October 3-5: NW Chocolate Festival (Seattle, WA - on the FBM stand))

October 16: Academy of Chocolate (London - presenting)

October 18: The Chocolate Show (London - presenting)

October 25: Origin Chocolate conference (Amsterdam - presenting)

October 31-Nov 1: Salon du Chocolat (Paris - visiting)

Donations always welcome to help cover the costs of international travel and to support the work required to keep TheChocolateLife running. [Note: PayPal account is in the name of WebWideGuides.]

Blog Posts

Root Chocolate - Chocolate Factory

Posted by Landen Zernickow on November 18, 2014 at 7:18pm 0 Comments

Ever wonder what the Root Chocolate Factory looks like? Check it out!

It’s been about 8 months since we starting playing around with chocolate. And in that time, we’ve collected quite a bit of equipment, tools, and ingredients that now fill an entire area of our apartment. We like to call that area our Chocolate Factory.

We started with just a bag of cocoa beans from the …


Root Chocolate - chocolate certifications and labels

Posted by Landen Zernickow on November 14, 2014 at 12:48am 0 Comments



"Single Origin"

"Fair Trade"

"Rainforest Alliance"


"Direct Trade"

What do these all mean and which ones should you pay attention to when you're choosing your chocolate? Good question! Some relate to labor practices, others relate to the environmental circumstances surrounding the farming.

Here at Root Chocolate, we've discussed where cacao farmers fit… Continue

Root Chocolate - Venezuelan Batch & Bloom Challenge

Posted by Landen Zernickow on November 7, 2014 at 12:23pm 0 Comments

Last week, we made a batch of chocolate from some very special beans. They are Carupano Corona from Venezuela, 2014. The Chocolate Alchemist describes them as “Criollo/Trinitario with clove and soft fruity high notes and very low bitterness.”

And the exciting part – John Nanci roasted them right there in his workshop with us watching (and smelling) on! In his homemade roaster with temperature gauges inside the drum roaster and in the oven itself, these beans smelled amazing. I’ll…


Root Chocolate - New Ingredients

Posted by Landen Zernickow on November 3, 2014 at 7:42pm 0 Comments

One of the areas of innovation in chocolate where we have not yet ventured is that of ingredients. Well, that’s not totally true… When we first started out, we tried a bacon batch, but we added way too much bacon. Another time, we tried a salted chocolate batch, but we added way too much salt. (Noticing a trend?) We’ve strayed away from new ingredients since then.

However, our visit to John Nanci in …


Healthy Halloween with Root Chocolate

Posted by Landen Zernickow on October 31, 2014 at 6:45pm 0 Comments

Happy Halloween!

You may expect a rant about Halloween chocolate or a self-righteous monograph about how I don’t eat junk candy. But, to be honest, I love candy corn and Swedish fish and even Milky Way bars! We don’t eat too many sweets, but every once in a while, the candies from my childhood provide that comfort of sugary deliciousness.

Our apartment complex didn’t get any trick-or-treaters last year, so we don’t expect many (if at all) this year either. Still, we have our…



Posted by Alufoil Products Pvt Ltd. on October 31, 2014 at 3:25am 0 Comments

We supply to many multinational chocolate companies, as well as to a number of independent manufacturers all over the world.

Our company's policy assures high quality products at competitive prices…


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