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Anyone have any experience with Mol d'Art? I have one of their 15 Kg moulding machines that broke down one day after we started using it. They have insisted the problem "is simple", but they have not corrected the problem. Plus, we have wasted an inordinate amount of time chasing down blind alleys to address their guesses about what might be wrong. They have literally no warranty service in the U.S. Just a guy on the phone in Belgium who asks someone else what could be wrong and then tells you to get your own supplies ("they cost nothing" according to him) and hire an electrician.

We are very proficient with electronics and machinery in general and temperers in particular, and we have been extremely disappointed in the poor performance of Mol d'Art.

Based on our limited but surprisingly frustrating experience with them, we would certainly not recommend that anyone do business with Mol d'Art.

Any feedback would be welcome.

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I ordered 3kg melting pots from Mol d'Art about a year ago and they arrive damaged (they shipped from Belgium packed loosely in a cardboard box with no additional padding or protection. I called as soon as I received them and sent pictures at their request and then heard nothing. I called again after 2 weeks and received a recording saying that they were closed for vacation for a month. Finally, after almost three months and several nasty emails, I finally received functioning machines. That said, they have worked fine since I received them, though I am not inclined to do business with them in the future.
I do have a Prefemac 15kg compact moulding machine which I have used for 3-4 batches a week for the past year and a half with no glitches at all.
Sorry to hear about similar frustration.

Forgot to mention that we also got a vibrating table from Mol d'Art. The table vibrated violently and they said it was because it was built for 240 V DC but they only put on a transformer for 120 AC without re-regulating the motor. Their answer to the problem was for us to buy a dimmer switch and hook it up at our expense. Their comment at that time was also "it costs nothing... it is simple". So much for getting what you pay for. It is a $1,500 piece of junk that is completely unusable.


GM -
Which of these the machine you're talking about?

In any event, you've hit on one of the golden rules of buying machinery: don't if there is no local (i.e., US) distributor. I know that there are many people who swear by the melters but I don't know anyone (in the US) who uses any of their larger and more complicated machines. Maybe there aren't built for shipping?
These are very simple machines with nothing more than a heating element and a thermostat. Mold'art has set themselves apart from other European mnfctrs by not having an on/off switch or any inspection tags. While I like european machines, I stronly believe that if you want to sell a product in N. America, it should adhere to N. American regulations

While I have not used Mold'art, I have had a similar machine "martelatto" and after 6 mths of daily use, came in to work one morning smelling burnt chocolate and plastic.... I now have a s/s behemoth using a waterbath system.
I know this is an old discussion, but as I am new to the subject I would like to know if anyone has recent incidents with Mol d'Art. I live in South Africa and the only way I will get ANY equipment will be by having it shipped here from wherever! I was seriously thinking of the Mol d'Art and would like to know what the situation is now. Thanks.
Honestly we have several mold art machines and they are a good quality, JKV copy. Mostly they run forever but if you need service you are on your own. Having said that, the only way to get ip and running is to call an electrician and get it fixed, as there is nothing too complex that a good electrician can't figure ourpt, bit try and get a machine electrical guy, not a home light switch guy.
Another option is to call Bakon USA as they are now making these type of machines and can help with parts and service I am sure or local repair experts in your State.
Then send the invoice to MoldArt, and if they don't pay advise them you will post you issues on line
Richard, thanks for the info, now I know what I will be letting myself in for. Will have to discuss the issue with my partners.

Hi Magrietha, 

i'm also in South Africa, Cape Town, i have a well looked after Prefamac tempering machine to sell.

If you wish to have more info please contact me at

I own two of them, had them over 5 years and never had an issue. They are plugged in day and night and have survived power surges, uneven current, and every kind of electric shock Ecuador's power system can provide.

N early four years after the first post in this thread, I find I too had a similar issue with Mol D'art - purchased 2 x 12kg machines, the first one died after 1 day, and they suggested I just open it and look at the was sent back for repair in the end, which took around 2 - 3 weeks. 

Just after it arrived back, my 2nd machine also died - they said so unusual for two to fail it must be power surges or something wrong with my power supply.  My electrician took a look inside, said it had been re-wired, the thermostat was 'average' and had failed, and this failure could not have been a result of the power surge.  He tested my factory and said I had stable power, and some thing wired into the Distribution Board absorbed/prevented power surges. 

When the machines are going, they are good to work with, but my electrician could not believe what I paid for these given they were so cheap inside. I think I am just unlucky to have 2 failures...none of my other melters (Matfer) have had issue, nor has any of my other equipment, some very specialised. 

I just cancelled a further order of 2 x 6kg from Mol D'art, as they were not very helpful.  So I have a different brand melter coming, and will hope it goes a little better than the Mol D'arts, which I am not sure I would buy again.


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