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Help! Need to find cocao pods for daughter's wedding in November

Hi folks, I am finding it extremely difficult to find cacao pods to put on tables at her wedding. She has a raspberry and chocolate theme, and recently in one of the Bridal Magazines, they showed the pods dipped in silver and arranged around the tables, which were actually quite beautiful. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be eternally grateful.

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As near as I know, the only semi-reliable source for cocoa pods in the whole of the USofA is a place in the flower district of NYC called Caribbean Cuts.

When you visit the site, click on the Unique Flowers link (I'd like to be able to send you there directly but the site uses a frameset so I can't) and then you'll see Cocoa Pods in the frame on the left. Click on that link for more info.

I am not sure what their actual order times or quantities are but they do need to be ordered in advance. You'll have to contact them to find out.
Thank you Clay for that timely reply! Wish me luck!


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