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Excellent list.

Here are a couple of other general candy stores have have nice chocolate bar selections:

Miette Confisiere
The Candy Store

In Oakland:
Bittersweet Cafe - huge selection of bars plus tasting events
If you go visit Michael Mischer, make sure to try his root beer barrel piece. I tried it at the COPIA chocolate festival. It reminded me totally of those root beer barrel hard candies. Took me way back to when I was nine or then - those were among my all time favorites at that age.
So - we're off to Las Vegas in a few weeks. I'm picturing myself sitting in a chocolate salon being treated to the finest chocolate along with instruction and elaboration on proper tasting techniques. I picture this event lasting an hour or more. I'm willing to pay for a gourmet experience. Any thoughts on where to go?? In the fall we'll be in San Francisco - same question. Thanks in advance. Ian
Although my short review won't do it justice, I just have to comment on Biagio Fine Chocolate store in Washington D.C. I went in a few weeks ago and was blown away by the selection! In all of NYC there is not a place like it. It's reminiscent of SF's Fog City News in the wide range of bars sold. Biagio himself is very knowledgeable about each bar in the store and extremely friendly. It was a great experience to be in the store, and a whole reason to go to Washington ;)
Many states are starting chocolate fairs, and not necessarily just during the holidays.
For example, in Colorado this coming May, there is a brand new show complete with gourmet makers, competitions, and chocolate massages.

Here is a link to festivals all over the US:


Here are my favorite online stores for buying chocolate bars:





World Wide Chocolate (taking advantage of weekly sales)

More info about all of them at One Golden Ticket.



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