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This forum thread is the point of entry for links, discussions, and questions about where to buy tools for working with chocolate.

Please do not post links to sources for chocolate or sources for chocolate related items (such as books, t-shirts, etc.) There are separate forum threads for those.

In addition to all of the suggestions following I can recommend Pastry Chef Central and Bridge Kitchenware. I bought a copper sugar boiler from Bridge that was on sale (about half off) and it's my favorite thing to make caramel in - plus, it's just beautiful to look at.

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I know the calcium ions allow pectin to form a tighter gel, so better results with less pectin, always good. But the fact that standing water, in copper will not grow microbes in troubling to me. Also if you make a ganche and divide it into two batches, one in stainless steel and the other in copper and whip both... the copper one will have about double the shelf life.

This makes me think there must be some toxicity from even casual use of the copper. I hear use with sugar and non-acids is safe, but I guess I'm just paranoid. ;)
er copper, not calcium. ;)
Can anyone recommend a good brand for an infrared laser thermometer and then where to buy it? Currently I'm using a cheep non-digital thermometer that constantly falls into my bowl of melting chocolate. I admit, maybe I need to upgrade to a digital but if you have a good recommendation, I'll go straight to the top with a laser. If it makes a difference, I'm not tempering and I'm melting via bain marie. Many thanks!
I really like my Raytek Mini-Temp Laser Thermometer. Just wish I'd bought one sooner. Saves me tons of time and it's very accurate.

The only caveat, and it's a small one, is that it's not easy to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.
Something to remember about these is they are infrared and only reading the surface of the target. The bottom of your container if on a heat source will be hotter than the top.
I know someone has already said this , but Design and Relization out of Canada,
By far the cheapest to get anything.
Sugarcraft has decent pricing, lots of ingredients like invert sugar, glucose, invertase, etc. They carry a very good selection of packaging materials in retail or wholesale quantities. They also have an extensive section of chocolate and candymaking equipment.

Kitchen Krafts is another outfit I've used occasionally.

Albert Uster Imports has a lot of hard-to-find stuff too. I bought some Beta6 cocoa butter from them.

Chocovision and ACMC make good, but expensive, home size tempering machines.

Bought some great lustre sprays from baker's nook, don't think I've seen them at other stores.

I had a pretty ugly experience with pastrychefcentral, order came incomplete and they (very rudely) refused to replace missing items, out over $100 :(
If the order came to you incomplete, you should 'dispute the charge' on your credit card. If they don't get paid, they may take you more seriously.

Also, consider contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint.
I know I should have, but at the time it just didn't occur to me (although I've done it before, just spaced it this time) and now too much time has passed. So, what I did was vote with my feet and never bought from them again.

Good advice John, thanks.
Hello everyone!
I am wondering where to buy the nice, thick paper you see on high-end candy bars, (you know, no foil peeking out of the ends).
Any thoughts would be great!

Is anybody knows where can i buy online or in new york area natural dyes in powder or liquid for chocolate or natural colored cocoa butter .
Almost every chocolate related websites carry artificial colors. :(
We started this search about a week ago and I found a few places by just doing a google search for 'natural food coloring chocolate', here's one result:


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