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This forum thread is the point of entry for links, discussions, and questions about where to buy tools for working with chocolate.

Please do not post links to sources for chocolate or sources for chocolate related items (such as books, t-shirts, etc.) There are separate forum threads for those.

In addition to all of the suggestions following I can recommend Pastry Chef Central and Bridge Kitchenware. I bought a copper sugar boiler from Bridge that was on sale (about half off) and it's my favorite thing to make caramel in - plus, it's just beautiful to look at.

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I can suggest a few for starters:

J.B. Prince,
Good selection, good service, prices are ok (but not cheap).

Mainly molds and custom work, but if you get to the equipment part of their (somewhat clunky) site, some very cool stuff. I just got their printed catalog, and it's much more user-friendly than the website.

Chef Rubber,
Specializing in mold-making supplies, but has lots of stuff you won't find elsewhere.

Like J.B. Prince, a professional supplier with a great selection.

Design et Realisation,
Canadian company with some harder-to-find utensils and rulers.
Many tools that you need can be purchased at your local kitchen goods shop. Some of the first tools that I bought were purchased at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond...

Offset Spatula
Stainless Steel Bowls
Rubber Scrapers
Digital Thermometer
Small Ice Cream Scoop for scooping ganache
Measuring Cups
1/2 Sheet Pans

The key is to look around. Find who your local suppliers are. They will appreciate your business and you will be able to network through those relationships.
Hobby grade molds for the home confectioner

Candyland Crafts

You could also try New York Cake & Bake on 22nd Street between 5th & 6th Avenues.
A word of advice: the return policy can be difficult so pick carefully. - Chocolate molds and really great packaging. They also have great service...very friendly! - Wholesale chocolate packaging including some custom stuff.

I love Chocolat-Chocolat! What a great site.
Thanks for pointing that one out!
A breaking fork is a must have when working with blocks of chocolate. Some specialty stores (like Sur La Table) will sell it for over $20- but down at my local restaurant supply store (Cresco on Richards Blvd in Sacramento) they're sold as bar tools for breaking ice for less than $10.
The Chocolate Mold Factory - hobby chocolate molds, professional polycarbonate molds, chocolate transfer sheets, chocolate books, mold making supplies, personalized candy, custom molds, free instructions and videos about making custom molds.
Chocolate Alchemy at
hello all,
I was wondering how many beginners we have here, I know I am one?

Can you tell me some good books on how to get started with chocolate making? This site looks good for supplies: chocolate making supplies or---home chocolate factory

I guess so much depends on the ingredients that one chooses too, maybe I can learn from people here.

fun and good taste starts here....candy
Unlined copper... I know it's a must have for anything involving pectin... but it still scares me a little.
I bought this beautiful unlined copper pot for making caramel from Bridge Kitchenware. I was actually in the store looking for something else entirely but it was hanging there with a "sale" tag on it so I decided to treat myself and splurge on it. I think I paid about $125 for it - normally almost twice that much.

No need to be scared, they are a joy to work with.


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