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This forum post is the point of entry for links, discussions, and questions about where to buy stuff related to chocolate that is not covered in the other topics in this forum.

This is not the place to post information about where to buy chocolate or tools to work with chocolate, there are two other forum threads for those topics.

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Maybe cocoa beans are related stuff...I am searching hard to find small producers no matter where in the world who'd sell in small quantities. A particular place is Chiapas, but any Ecuadorian Nacional or Brazilian source of Criollo would be wonderful. (I am not mistaken, I have tasted it but could not buy: yes, there definitely is Criollo grown in Brazil.) I'd be grateful for any tip?

This is a real challenge - getting your hands on small quantities of beans. The cocoa market is not set up to handle this and there are FDA and USDA hurdles to overcome. There used to be a cocoa broker who was able to snag a bag here and there from larger shipments, but I think he's no longer in that business. I know of someone who has ties to a farm community in Panama that has lots of different kinds of beans and I have been trying to work that angle. There's some positive movement in that direction and I think that things will start to loosen up soon. In the meantime, John Nanci over at has been selling small quantities of beans of various origins, and he might have some in stock that he can sell you.


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