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I admit I am a shameless chocoholic. Unfortunately the shipping fees are outrageous for chocolates from Europe and FDA regs on shipping food have caused some choclatiers (Le Roux, most notably) to suspend all shipments to the US.

I went to Salon du Chocolat in Paris last year for fun, but also to pick up a parcel of Le Roux chocolates special ordered in advance at their booth. I've also actually found a cheap plane ticket (in the old days when round trips to London could be had for $250) and flown over the weekend to pick up my treasured salted caramels from L'artisan du Chocolat in London with a quick train stop to Paris.

Anyone else have any interesting stories about how far they have gone to get a box of chocolates?

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I admit to being very, very impressed by your dedication to good chocolates and the lengths you go to obtain them. Undoubtedly you are a true chocophile (Definition: "Someone with a great love for, an inordinate attraction to, chocolates. Chocophiles don't just buy chocolates, they worship them at the altars of Theobroma; they don't just unwrap chocolates, they undress them; and they don't just eat chocolates, they have passionate encounters with them.").

When I lived in London I used to go by Eurostar to Paris for chocolates, but the journey was much shorter than yours. I don't know of anyone who has travelled further than you for chocolates, but I did once read of Baron Alphonse de Rothschild who, in his will of 1905, left 25,000 gold Francs to his son-in-law Albert, 'So that he might buy himself some chocolates'.


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