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I am a chocolate consultant working with Chocovision. If there are any questions etc ...please ask.

joe crevino

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I use a melter to keep 50lbs of chocolate at exactly 93f.  When the x3210 is 20% down ..I add melted chocolate from the melter to the back of the baffle.  When the yellow heat light starts flashing again is ready to use.  A fifty pound melter cost me more than than tempering machine.  


You could do the same thing with two tempering machines using one as a melter.  


With this method I can produce over 60 pounds of chocolate on one temper.  


It is called a drip method.



Hi Joe,


I appreciate your help. When making ganache truffles, lots of people first dip the truffles in tempered chocolate, and after letting them set, dip them once again before rolling the truffles in cocoa powder or other different coating. Do you think the first dipping is a must or could be skipped?


Do you think that tools like the silicone truffle mold really help streaming/speeding up the ganache truffle production? Link for the mold follows:





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