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I am a chocolate consultant working with Chocovision. If there are any questions etc ...please ask.

joe crevino

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Will do!
Hi joe Iam rawan from jordan I would like to learn how make chocolate at hom and i needed to be step by step beacuse i dont have any experiance i will be thankful joe
The first thing I would do is to read a book called Candy Making for Dummies by Dave Jones.

What type of chocolate do you have access to in Jordan ?

all of type and we have brand chocolate but most of chocolate in my country comes from lebnan and its from factory i have never tryed hand made chocolate i want fresh chocolate not imported chocolate
Do you mean you want to start with the bean ??
if i can start in my kitchen with the bean i dont minde but do you think at first step to me start with simple material
You have to decide to use real chocolate which has to be tempered or compound which is much eaiser to work with. In either case you need to do some reading regarding how to do it. I can help you along the way but you need to get a basic sense of what you are doing either thru reading or by take a course.

you adviced me before to read abook calledCandy Making for Dummies by Dave Jones. do you think it well help me.
This would help you a great deal
Dear Joe;
I´m at this point learning to temper chocolate, arriba type from Ecuador. In fact I´m in Ecuador, I live here.
OK. the fact is I have tempered it already for a few times, considering the perfect highest temperature to be 41degrees Celsius, and dropping it in the marble to 31and a half (considering a degree more or less below or over to play) before pouring in the molds.
The other day , given certain circumstances the chocolate went over 80 degrees Celsius , however I went ahead and tempered it in the mood of experimentation. Big surprise, the chocolate tablet turned great, shiny, flawless, beutyfull ???? How that happened? The lowest temperature after tempering was 31 c
Celsius .

And yesterday , considering that particular occasion with shiny results, my chocolate went to 60 Celsius, and I worked with it, until it dropped to 32. Thinking (big mistake) it was ready, I poured over 4 molds. Some was left, and since I did not have a mold ready, I improvised and poured a little later.
The first 4 tablets turned bad, no shine, white spots, very earthy feeling at the mouth. But the fifth tablet, the left over one tuned perfect or almost perfect.

The questions
what happened with the 80 Celsius of the first occasion?
What happened with today´s tablets? the 4 spotty firsts ones, and the shiny fifth one?
Thanks, for being there for questions
Have you tempered arriba from Ecuador?

By Thanks again
what happened with the 80 Celsius of the first occasion?

Over 89C should burn the chocolate. The first thing I would suggest is to recalibrate your measuring device. Something does not make sense

What happened with today´s tablets? the 4 spotty firsts ones, and the shiny fifth one?
Perhaps your chocolate did not come into temper until it cooled more hence the shiny fifth one

I have not used arriba.

keep in touch,
thanks for your answers, they are quite clarifying and concise.
I really think I have to be very careful with temperatures next times
pd: what are your optimal temperatures like?


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