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I am a chocolate consultant working with Chocovision. If there are any questions etc ...please ask.

joe crevino

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Melt at 112
cool to 83
raise to 89

this works for 70% dark

melt at 108 for milk and while
Joe, Thank you for being here... I'm a retired guy that writes a blog and I'm just really learning about chocolates, I have a bunch of books on the subject of chocolate. And I've lately been buying my chocolate in 11 lb blocks. And I have done enough now to beable to temper properly, or at least it seems to be nice and shinny etc... But I've been having a little bit of a time finding molds. Now I'm not wanting to get into chocolate work full time, I'm retired, and I like that... But this is for the fun and family and you get the idea. Also for material for my blog. I do this for the fun of it... I guess my question might be, Where is the best place to buy molds, I've gone the wilton plactic molds,,, I'm sorry but that's not a mold to me... I do have some silicone rubber molds from World Cusine and they are fine for the larger stuff. But for doing lets say Bonbons, that sort of thing... Since my lively hood do not depend on chocolate work every day. So you get where I'm coming from on this,, You all have a great Website, and I'm proud to be accepted as a member.
Thank you, mike long
You will be much happier using polycarbonate (professional molds), but they are expensive ($25-30 apiece). You can get them new from a number of places, but if you're not interested in the latest most popular designs, I recommend La Boutique Du Chocolatier in Belgium...he carries gently used molds that are in wonderful condition. Because his prices are in Euros, they are an especially good deal right now. I just purchased 10 molds for $90 including shipping. Shipping is about $32 for 5-15 molds, so the more you order, the cheaper it comes out. Here's a link to his website (you may need to translate to on MAKROLON on the left side and you will get pictures of all the molds he has):

If you want to order, there is a form to fill out and submit online; he will then calculate shipping (since his site's shopping cart isn't designed for international rates) and send you a PayPal invoice via email.
Deborah, Thank you so much for your help... You are a sweet lady, thank you again... I like what your talking about, about the used molds... and I really like that price... I'll be in hog heaven when I get those.... I'm going over to that site right now and see what they have... And again, Thank you for your input and lead for this source. Deborah, You made my day... If your ever in Palm Springs, come by and I'll wash your car or something...... thank you again... mike long
Hi Michael,
I would suggest Tomric ( and chocolat-chocolat in Monteal (
Both carry the polycarbonate molds at good prices. There are two exhibitions coming up.
See and Both of the above compaines will be at these shows.

I forgot another supplier They also carry these molds.

Cool! Will look forward to reading your answers to questions, meeting you, and learning more!
Joe, Thank you also for the leads for the chocolate molds... But today I discovered about pouring chocolate over bubblewrap and ceiling light screens.... That is so cool... Ok, I know it's old hat for you all, but my grand-daughter is having a birthday this Sunday, An I'm making the cake...Chocolate of course... with Bubble-wrap and light grid decorations... Getting back to the molds...Thank you again.. I will be ordering some very soon. Or enough to get going... Thank you all so much.... mike...
Hi Joe -
I'm going to be doing some painting of molds with colored cocoa butter but am rusty on the technique :-( out of lack of practice.

Do you temper the colored c butter first before you apply and ten do you chill in the refrig or do you let it set at room temperature and then apply the white chocolate to make it pop?
Do not put in Refrig. When the sheen starts to leave the c butter it is ready.

Thanks. Shall try it out this afternoon!

Hi Joe,


I have a Revolation X3210 and want to increase its productivity. Once the chocolate in the machine is in temper and I start to use it, how much chocolate could I add (percentage) to replenish the used one without the chocolate losing its temper?


Do you know other tricks to increase the machine's productivity and efficiency?


Thanks a lot,



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