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Dear friends,
when I use cocoa butter replacer(CBR) to coat the wafer but the coating is cracking .Who can help me to slove cracking problem.The SFC of the CBR is 87% at 10℃,68% at 20℃,33.5% at 30℃,18% at 35℃,3% at 40℃.The coating temperature at 45℃ by hand. Then the coated wafer was sent to cooling tunnel which the temperatures at 10℃. The ingredients is sugar, cocoa powder, skimmed milk power,CBR,lecithin.Many thanks for your suggestion!

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Cracking is normally caused by either the cooling is to rapid or what you are enrobing is too cool in relation to the chocolate temperature.

Try the following:
Raise the tunnel tempertaures abit and slow down the tunnel speed.
Check the temperature of the wafer .. too cold will cause cracking.

You have to experiment.
Thank you for your suggestion! I will do some experiment later.


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