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This is just for fun but does anyone know what city in the world has the most chocolate shops per capita? Im thinking probably Paris, London, or NYC, but maybe not- does anyone know for sure? Choc shops meaning only those where bar and bon bon/ truffle type chocolate is the #1 product: "Chocolateries" (not patisseries, grocerys, or bakeries).

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Paris probably has the greatest total number of chocolate shops, but either Brussels or Bruges/Brugge (depending on whether you are French or Flemish) probably has a higher density of shops. I am visiting both Paris and Bruges this summer as a part of a luxe Chocolate Lovers Travel Club trip, and I will be happy to perform what I am sure will be the very tasty research to find out.
Ok you are a VERY lucky man, Im sure you know that, but where do I get more details on this tour? I have actually been to both cities (college study-abroad) but would love to go back.....wish that US exchange rate would improve!
Oh and how about Zurich? I know the Swiss reportedly EAT more choc than anyone else (22 lbs/yr) but do they have the most choc shops i wonder?? I gotta say London really seems to have the widest variety, chocolatiers and co's from all next trip has to be the Chocolate Ecstasy Tours there- again, wish that darn exchange rate would get better!
I'd have to vote for Bruges. Partly because if you trip over the chocolate chops there, and partly because it's has a relatively small population - I can't imagine any big city beats it on chocolate shops per capita!

Clay - have a fantastic cocoa-filled time! My tip is to bring home some hagelslag/vlokken* as well as regular chocolate.

*for the unitiniated, chocolate flakes sprinkled on toast/bread. Addictive.
I feel like, just in the U.S. San Francisco may have more chocolate shops per capita than NY. Perhaps the most in the country. It is a very chocolate-centric, cacao-appreciative area!
I am going to San Fran and made a list and map of the choc shops- 35 counting Fog City News and TCHO which opens summer 08. There are more if you count all the Godivas and Sees. A VERY CHOCO LOVING CITY!! Also there's the Charles Choc & Scharffen Berger choc factory tours in Oakland across the bay...actually Oakland has quite a few choc shops too. Im taking the Gourmet Walks Chocolate Tour (6 shops) and then created my own list of additional shops to visit- Ill take pics and post when i return...can't wait!

The other city i know is really choc-full of shops is CHICAGO- anyone ever been on their choc tour or their own?
I was also in Chicago last summer and didn't feel like it was nearly so chocolate-friendly, not dark chocolate anyway. They had a few bonbon places. Vosges was around a lot. But yeah, have fun at Fog City news! That's an awesome place. And the Scharffen Berger tour is a must. Berkely and Oakland have their own chocolate places. I'm sure you've found more online than I did while I was there. Looking forward to your posts...


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