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Foods That Can't Be Made Better With Chocolate (!?)

I have to admit that my main culinary interests with chocolate are on the savory side. I have the most fun working on ways to incorporate chocolate into recipes for foods that people don't normally acquaint with chocolate, not more traditional uses.

Over the past decade or so there are few foods that I have found can't be made better, in some fashion, with chocolate. In my quest I have developed a white chocolate beurre-blanc (for fish) and even a white chocolate Hollandaise (for eggs benedict but it also works well with asparagus).

Recently I came across a recipe that I don't have an obvious way to improve with chocolate: the Fatty Melt - a hamburger with a bun made of grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Do you have any ideas on how to improve the Fatty Melt with chocolate - or some other foods you don't think chocolate could help?

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I think this chocolate aioli has some serious potential here:
I have actually done something with this just to mess around. I used 100% mexican tabasco beans that I ground into a liquor and used it as a spread. It was really interesting and good. Give it a try. Use the Tabasco if you can as it is a little spicy.
It's possible to make a thick sauce of red chile or chipotle with some Mexican Chocolate. Then either layer it on the beef patty or spread it on the inside of the bread slice. It would give the FAtty Melt a smoky "mole" type flavor. If you thin out the sauce, you could turn it into an au jus type of dipping sauce as well.


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