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Does anyone own a tempering machine and if so which one?

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To help set the stage for this discussion can you let everyone know something about what your requirements are?

Are you a hobbyist so that you only need to work with a few pounds at a time, or are you producing hundreds of pounds of chocolate a day in a mix of dark, milk, and white and need something that can handle those demands? Or are you somewhere in between?

This will help us know what kinds of machines to talk about.
Hi Clay,
I am just a hobbyist. I temper only around 2# at a time.
I own the Rev 2. I really do like it, except during the holidays. I find for large production or large molds, it's just not quite enough tempered chocolate.
Hi Kelli,
Thanks, I have the sinsation and it has a small capacity also. I am wondering do you blend your own chocolates together to arrive at a taste that you like? Where is a good place to buy bulk chocolate? I really like Lake Champlain chocolate have you ever tried or used it. I don't know if they sell in bulk.

There is nothing special about the chocolate that Lake Champlain uses. It's standard stuff from Barry Callebaut, and made in the St Albans, VT factory. You can get many Callebaut chocolates in bulk from and

The Sinsation is the same thing as a Chocovision Rev1 or 2 - it's just an old name.

:: Clay

i second that. i actually went on a factory tour of LCC and they stated they don't make their own chocolate and get it from Callebaut.

I use both a Chocovision Rev1 and an ACMC Table Top Temperer. Love 'em both, but the Rev1 is NOISY!
Both of the small Chocovision machines (Rev1 and 2) are noisy. The ACMC machine is quieter because it doesn't have a fan. However, I don't see how they can charge so much for something that uses the same technological approach as an Easy-Bake oven.

Unfortunately, there really isn't anything else in the under 10-pound range or for under $1500.
LOL you're SO right Clay, on both counts.
I wonder whether I can add my experience with Mol d`Art melter. I simply love its work.
6 Kg capacity. I put the chocolate in the melter setting temp at 43degrees the previous night. Start my work in the morning after setting temp at 31 degrees and seeding it . Takes a little time. Looks like a simple box, quiet. liked it so much that thinking to buy one more for melting milk chocolate.

I wonder whether melters are considered as tempering machines!!
Has this landscape changed any in the last year? Any new reviews or ideas? I was watching our process last night and we're losing a bit too much time getting chocolates setup for dipping etc.
I use the ACMC for personal use, holds a nice charge of chocolate. Oh, it does have a fan for the cooling stage. And 2 100w bulbs for heat. Simple, and stands up to a good bit of abuse.


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