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Does anyone own a tempering machine and if so which one?

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Kia ora Debra,

We are in Aotearoa (New Zealand)making Raw Chocolate and we also do not buy seed chocolate.  I am interested to find how you got on with your search for a tempering machine.  They are expensive to import over here and want to make sure we are getting the best machine for the job, would appriate your findings if you had any.....

Nga mihi


I know this post is quite old by now but which machine did you finish buying...

I also have the cacao liquid that comes right out the melanger...

I am thinking about buying a tempering machine but not sure still which one..

I will really appreciate your comments

I hope you can help me

Javier - Chaqchao PERU

hi every bodym


has anyone heard or used a pavoni mini temper? i don't live in the State and it is not eassy for me to buy a chocovision or a hilliard but we have here a sale representant of Pavoni so i am asking is it any good? I have a tiny chocolate shop and i do everything by hand, it's becoming a little difficult i would appreciate your input.


Thank you


I have 4 Pavoni's and have had to re-engineer ALL of them in order to stop burning out the control boards.  The control board is in the same compartment as the heat lamps and cooling fans, and is subject to extreme heat fluctuations, and eventually fails. 


If you only use the machine once in a blue moon, It's pre programmed tempering cycles are handy.  However we use the machines daily for 8-10 hours in our shop and the motors have failed on all of them, as well as the control boards.


Personally I wish Savage would make a smaller tempering machine. Their stuff is bomb proof.




Hi Brad,

I was wondering how your modified Pavoni's have held up.  We got ours a little over a year ago and it worked great until a few months ago when it started acting up. Pavoni convinced us to order a new probe, which has not fixed the problem.   I've already wasted over a hundred hours unsuccessfully tempering with this goat, and don't want to waste any more of my scant resources on the machine if the problem will just recur. I know you added a heat shield and fan to one this summer; is it still going strong?  What did the control boards do when they failed?  Ours seems to work, but doesn't move through the cycles properly.  




I have tried 3, yes 3 of the chocovision rev1 machines and so far they have caused me more headache then I care to relive. I contacted chocovision and after troubleshooting they sent me new baffles which seemed to work mediocrely for about 3-4 batches each. Contacted chocovision again, they sent out more baffles but if I want the machines looked overand serviced I have to pay to send the junk back and pay to have them fixed! They were possibly the worst kitchen appliance investment I've ever made!
Needless to say I am not interested in any chocovision models but would love advice on an inexpensive (1500 or less) tempering unit. Doesn't need to be fancy just get the job done. Thanks

Hi Krista,

I think the only options at $1500 or less are for mol d'art type tempering machines that don't stir the chocolate for you. I know that you're not interested in chocovision, but I think there's a big difference in quality between the smaller models and the larger, professional models. I've had no problems with my X3210 and would recommend it as probably the best option in the price range you're looking.


I started out with a rev 1 and it was noisy and the metal pegs on the baffle broke and had to be replaced twice.  Then it just didn't heat anymore.

My husband talked with Ian at Chocolvision, sent my rev 1 in to be service and it was basically totally rebuilt except for the outer plastic casing.  At that time, they had a Rev3210 that had been sent in for exchange.  My husband paid for the repair, & got 3 bowls and 2 lids, all for about $900 or so.  I am EXTREMELY happy with this machine!  It is definitely a world apart from the little noisy REV1.  Please do not write off Chocovision machines.  You should call and talk to Ian about your machine and I imagine he would give you great service as he did for us.

Really, the 3210 has made my life so much easier, no problems and every time I use it I am just so thankful that I own that machine.  I can obviously get a beautiful temper with high quality chocolate (I use El Rey) but I have also been able to temper the pound plus bars from Trader Joes and use it for molding. 

I own two Hilliards temperers the hand coater with a small enrobing belt and the Jumbo coater with a larger belt, I really like both machines but will probaly sell the hand coater since the Jumbo meets my needs better. I use them for milk (jumbo), dark (hand) and for white I use a revolation 3210)

I got the Revolation one and don't like it at all. I should have understood the capacity better, that's my fault. The parts I'm frustrated with are that is has a small transparent piece that's very easy to lose. It has a bar going across the top with two tiny pins that connect into the machine. They bend all the time and I suspect they will break soon. Beyond that, it's just flimsy. Thinking about the components of this machine, I'd have expected it to cost around $60 dollars.



My first machine was a Rev2: after a little over a year of pretty heavy use the temperature gauge started malfunctioning. ChocoVision sent us a free baffle, but unfortunately this was not the problem. The capacity of the machine was so small and it was so loud that, in retrospect, I think I would have preferred to have started with a melting tank style machine.


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