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Does anyone own a tempering machine and if so which one?

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I’m several years late but I was cruising through your post and would like to try the holey baffle. I also have a problem with broken baffles and seldom use the machine ( a 3210) because of baffle problems and the capacity is too low for my usage, but I do like it and would be interested in seeing what the addition of a holey baffle would actually do. Please let me know

Dennis Duffy
472 Quentin st

Aurora, CO 80011

I use the holey baffle with my X3210. It takes the capacity from about 10 lbs to 15 or 16 lbs. Due to comments I've read here and elsewhere about the possibility of broken baffles, I always melt most or all of the chocolate in a separate melter and then add it to the tempering machine. My understanding is that when the baffles break, it's due to the unmelted chocolate pressing against the back of the baffle.

how does the holey baffle work.  i received one with m Delta machine, but am not sure how it works.  thanks

You use it just like the normal baffle. It lets melted chocolate flow through to both sides, so it can hold almost double the chocolate.

okay - sorry to be so dense, but if melted chocolate is on both sides of baffle, how do you temper it - where do you add seed?

You still put the seed behind the baffle. It's a little harder and messier to remove any unmelted seed at the end, but it's not too bad.

thanks!  i will give it a try! 

I have a Hillard's little dipper, the Hillard's 240lb temperer and the Delta. You can't beat the Hillard 240 for when you need to really kick out the chocolate but you need to be comfortable with tempering. The delta usually produces a well tempered chocolate and my helper prefers using as it's more automated. I find that it's capacity is small and sometimes it tells you you are in temper and it's not. My baffle broke a couple of weeks ago but they replaced it for free (it was within warantee)
I like the idea of the baffle and would love to try it sometime.
I would love to hear if someone has a temperer that will be about the size of my big hillard yet has an auto-temperer and is not crazy expensive.
Bud, I have a Hilliard 80#, and 3 Savage 50# semi-automatic tempering machines. I love all of them. I like the Hilliard for simplicity and for dipping. The Savage are great because I have dark, milk and white chocolate melted at all times and within 20 minutes, I have tempered chocolate. It will also hold temper (if I hit the right temp) for several days. With the Savage, I can open the gate and fill molds directly from the unit. Very simple. With that said, I don't trust anyone to temper but me:-) I bought them used, but they have been trouble free.
I forgot--I also have an ACMC but never use it. It works fine, but is just too small.
Hi, Ian.

First, to address Clay's questions... I am a hobbyist, and bought a Rev 2 about 18 months ago. During the holidays, I make loads of caramels, nougats and chocolates to give away - this Christmas it was over 35 pounds (somehow my list of recipients just keeps growing...). While I've always been fascinated by candy making and confectionery science, the Rev 2 improved my efficiency so much that I got serious about learning and doing more. Now I seem to be making chocolates, thinking about making chocolates, or taking pictures of chocolates... ALL THE TIME. It's been a great machine for me.

Or, at least, it WAS... until this morning. I put the baffle in, added the chocolate, turned on the machine, and everything seemed to be operating normally, except there is no heat coming from the element. Very strange, since the machine was working perfectly when I used it two days ago. I will call the technical service number you mentioned to Andy above - thanks for being so available to us.

I really do love the machine. My only real quibble with it to this point has been the noise, and I am delighted to hear about ChocoVision's efforts to address that. As for the baffle clip issue (with chocolate wafers climbing up out of the bowl), I've found that the spatula that came with my Cuisinart solved the problem for me - I just lay it across the top of the machine with the blade of the spatula resting right under the clip, curved side against the bowl. It fits the contours of the bowl very nicely, and the "climbing" chocolate wafers hold it in place until they're melted enough to stop trying to escape.

Finally, I would very much LOVE to test one of the Holey Baffles for you, if they are still available.
dear ONES ~

aloha! so is there a performance preference between the Hilliard's "Little Dipper" and the chocovision revolationX3210 chocolate tempering machine?

after reading this discussion, it seems that these are the two "mid sized capacity" tempering machines for home hobby fun (more than 2 lb / up to 10 lb) ...

also, i posted on another post a question regarding turning nibs or beans into liquid for the melanger to refine before tempering ... anyONE have any experience with this as I AM excited to use my own cacao beans freshly harvested and fermented to make into RAW chocolate. LOVE ~ mahalo ~ LOVE


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