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Does anyone own a tempering machine and if so which one?

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I love my Revolution 1 tempering machine. I use it regularly in my Dove Chocolate Discoveries business to teach about tempering a high quality chocolate and just how much fun playing in chocolate is!

Unfortunatly, I haven't had time to do large quantities of chocolate "production" except maybe the time I make lots of chocolate bark with a Brownie Troop! There was chocolate every where. I will say the Revolution 1 is super easy to clean up and has been very durable as I haul it around from place to place on a frequent basis.

I would use it at parties a lot more if it was quieter so I'm hopeful your engineers find a solution to the noise issue.
We use two ACMC machines. We usally have them running at the same time, one with milk chocolate and the other with dark chocolate. They work great, we have not had any problems with them.
greetings ~ is your ACMC machine relatively quiet while in use? mahalo!
aloha! can anyONE verify if the ACMC takes about 30-40 minutes to temper the chocolate (say at full 6lb capacity)? and can anyONE using the rev 1 say how long it takes to temper the full 10lb capacity (i thought i heard it was 60 minutes)???

Yes. They are fairly quiet. Although one of our machines is louder than the other. The louder one we bought used, not sure how old it is. The quiter one we bought new and is only a year old.
would you say that it IS relatively easy to clean? ")
They are not hard to clean.
aloha ~ for those novice/experts tempering chocolate WITHOUT SEED chocolate, what IS the best machine (or only machine?) that tempers the cacao liquid right out of the santha melanger? i do not use commercial cacao paste/solid liquid so i have no seeded chocolate to add to the machines which require seed and I AM interested in the machine that does all the tempering so i do not have to :D

~ mahalo
Depends on your quantity and your budget. Also depends on if you know how to temper, what it looks like, feels like etc. If you need the entire process to be automatic, you will still most probably need to adjust for your chocolates recipe. A melting kettle can be used as a temperer, but it is very slow if you can't change temperatures quickly. Seed can be made by hand tempering or even aging for a long enough time. Automatic temperers are pretty expensive new (prefamac, selmi, gami, etc)
Check out the Chocolate Dude machine at 1 to 8 lb capacity and the price is good $525.00 plus shipping. It might meet your needs.
~ mahalo ~

I know this post is quite old by now but which machine did you finish buying...

I also have the cacao liquid that comes right out the melanger...

I am thinking about buying a tempering machine but not sure still which one..

I hope you can help me

Javier - Chaqchao PERU


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