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Does anyone own a tempering machine and if so which one?

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I have a HIlliard's Little Dipper as well as two Mol'D'Art melters and I like all of them. The Hilliards is a little noisy with the fan and the motor, but built like a tank. It will run you about $1200 new last I checked. Great for a small operation. We also use a Prefamac with enrober (30Kg model)-great machine too for larger but still small-scale production. Can easily do 25-50 pounds daily or more on it depending on staffing and prep.

Hello Jeff, I'm interested in the HIlliard's Little Dipper and Mol'D'Art melters, could You tell me where can I buy these equipment?

The problem I see with the Hilliard's Little Dipper is if You want to change from dark to white chocolate, for instance, it would be time consuming as you have to dismantle and unscrew to remove the bowl and other components.

I'm considering as well the Matfer CHOCO 22T (20 kg capacity) but I don't know any seller.

Thanks for any help.

I just bought the Rev 2 (my last machine was the sinsation) and I love it. It's good for small batches, with a 1.5 half pound capacity. Like others have said it's really loud, but it's the right capacity for me so I make due with the noise. I've also used one of the more professional grade chocovision machines which is also great, much quieter, but it's a minimum capacity of 3 pounds which is usually way more than I'm working with in the small batches I produce.
My wife has the ChocoVision Revolation 2.

The fan broke again last night, leaving her with a large number of Christmas chocolate orders to be tempered using a porringer with boiling water. Not an enjoyable evening.

The fan has now broken twice in 14 months. We are buying a different brand.

@Kelli - what brand do you use for larger orders?
I thought I'd update my post. Ian from Chocovision has been fantastic. He posted a new baffle free of charge and it looks like the problem has been fixed.

Here's an email from my wife:

Hi Ian,

I just want to say a big thank you for all your help. I received the baffle today and tested the machine. I must admit it smelled of smoke at first, but I thought it might have been down to the new fan. The smell went away after 2 min and I kept it running for an additional 2 min to make sure it wasn't a problem. Fingers crossed it won't give me a hard time anymore.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

Kindest regards

Maria Moorhouse
Creative Partner
Yummy Favours
Hello fellow Chocolate Lifers….I work for ChocoVision and would like to address some of your collective concerns.
The noise level of our tabletop Revolation 1 and 2 machines have always been a source of concern for many of our customers. The reverberation of the motor and fan off of the plastic casing seemed to be a consequence of a smaller, relatively inexpensive (plastic) unit. That said, our engineering team has been hard at work for the past few months modifying specifications of the tabletop machines in order to muffle the noise. This will be an uphill climb that may prove fruitless, but stay tuned.

As for the capacity…we have recently introduced what we are calling the “Holey Baffle” which vastly increases the maximum capacity of our larger (Revolation X 3210 and Delta) machines from 10 Lbs. to roughly 18.5 Lbs. A smaller version of this Holey Baffle is being manufactured for evaluation in limited quantity for our tabletop units, and will increase the tabletop units from a 1.5 Lb. capacity to between 2 and 2.2 Lbs.
If you would like to give a Holey Baffle a whirl, please contact me and I will send one to help you get more out of your unit.

There are other techniques to be employed for more efficiency from our units. Feel free to contact me regarding that as well.

As for Andy’s wife’s machine—fan problems are not the norm for Rev2s, let alone having two failures in just over a year. Please contact me and/or ChocoVision’s technical team at (845) 473-4970 for further instruction or service.

Thank you!
Ian, I would love to try the holey baffle. Do you have one available for the Rev 2 that you could send me? Also, one more product suggestion while we're on the subject. I've started using the valrhona and cacao noel disks and they tend to jump out of the tempering machine while they're behind the baffle waiting to be melted. Perhaps making the piece of plastic that attaches to the top of the baffle (not sure what the official name of this piece is) would solve the jumping disk problem?
Funny you say that....the engineers are also working on enlarging the baffle clip size, but so far only for the larger units. Until we possibly redesign the smaller units' baffle clip, your best bet may be to premelt in order to to avoid escapage, or melt a bit at a time rather than the full batch at once. The coins/discs are tougher to ocontain than block or chunk chocolate.

I can definitelty send you a small Holey Baffle, just email your address to: You can be one of our first guinea pigs.
Hi Ian,
I would love to try the holey baffle. I have the Delta, and it's been a great machine. I was surprised after hearing the complaints about noise on the smaller models, this one is extremely quiet.
Thanks so much.

I have a Rev 2 and would love to give the holey baffle a try. I am at the point of needing a larger tempering machine as well, and wanting to check out AMCM, etc...because the jump in price is quite a jump...but 1.5lbs at a time is just not enough for me...

definitely interested in the holey baffle though.
Include me on trying the Holey Baffle - I have a Delta - also a couple Rev 2s

Julie bolejack
Thanks for your input! I jusst recently obtained a Revolation 3210 and I love it! Wow, it is great. I am not sure what the noise is for a new baffle and not sure what the cost would be, but I am very interested in the increasing of capacity. I make about 200 to 300 pounds of hand dipped chocolates from November to Easter, but much less during the rest of the year. The revolation beats anything I have ever tried in 30 years of making chocolates!


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