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Does anyone own a tempering machine and if so which one?

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A few months ago I bought a used ACMC Tempering Machine for only $500. I like my Rev 2, which I paid almost as much for, but I needed a larger capacity.  

I love my ACMC. It's not totally automatic but it's close enough.
There's an extra slot next to where the main thermometer goes and I slide in probe thermometer in to alert me when the chocolate reaches a certain temp.  I hear they're super easy to fix.  The only drawback is they use 100W light bulbs that are supposed to be discontinued due to some law.  Companies like GE are now producing 95W light bulbs and I've read about people using ceramic heater bulbs.

I would love one of the bigger Chocovisions machines but it's 3x the price and they seem to have lots of issues.  For the money, a used ACMC is the way to go.  They're often on Ebay for around $500.

I am a hobbyist contemplating home based on line shop. My focus is Truffles of which I have developed many of my own unique recipes.  I am exploring the need for a tempering machine and where to buy good quality chocolate wholesale.  I appreciate this forum to learn and grow my knowledge.  I use a combination of milk, white and dark/bittersweet chocolate.  

Please check out my web site I build a chocolate tempering machine at a reasonable price. Check out my web site and see if it will meet your needs.



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