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Does anyone have experience with the use of a guitar for cutting? In particular , any feedback about manufacturer, where to purchase, new vs. used, plastic base vs. metal. Comments about the pavoni brand would be helpful as well. Thanks-

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I have a Dedy - an aluminum and stainless guitar from Germany. I have looked at the plastic based units - but the nicks you see in the plastic on the edges where the wires pass between the slots seem to me a spot where the wires might get caught and break. That being said - the plastic based units are still very substantial and should work well for many years.

In the US Tomric ( carries both the plastic and the Dedy (needs to be ordered) and in Canada Design and Realization carries the Dedy. ( is where I bought mine. The company also goes by the name of Kerekes and is based in Brooklyn, NY.
Thanks, is it the plastic base? Did you purchase the single or double? How long have you had it for and have you had any troubles with it in terms of maintenance or clean-up?
My guitar is a single with a metal base and three arms and I absolutely love it, especially considering the alternative of using a knife to cut ganache into perfect squares. I've had it for about four years and the only things I need to replace every once in awhile have been a couple of strings. I wipe the strings and base between each use with a paper towel, and once a week or so I clean it with soap and water. I've found that Dawn works best as it cuts through the fat in the chocolate. I did not buy the stand for it and keep the guitar on a full size sheet pan lined with parchment paper, which makes for easy clean up.
Thank you for the all the helpful tips - do you know who the manufacturer is of your guitar? Is it very heavy?
I just purchased a single Dedy guitar cutter from Design & Realization in Canada. From the pix online, it certainly looked like the Dedy, one that Kerry has recommended for some time. I verified with D&R that it is, in fact, a Dedy and it appears to be of absolutely excellent construction. The frames just arrived in a separate box, so I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It's a beauty!
Thanks - I have been eyeing that one as well - did you have any troubles with the company in terms of how long it took to ship to you? I've ordered framing bars recently and it took about a month to 6 weeks.

Also, I've seen your name pop up in another chocolate site - did you use to have a plastic base guitar cutter? If so, any thoughts?
No, this is my first guitar. Mine has an all metal base but it's surprisingly light.

The cutter from D&R arrived pretty much when they said it would: 10-15 days after ordering (I chose the cheaper delivery option). The two boxes arrived at different times but no big deal.
My guitar is also a Dedy and was bought in 2004 from Kerekes for a little under $2,400, with 15 mm, 22.5, and 30 mm arms.
John DePaula - I seem to remember that you are located in the US. Were there any issues with D&R shipping from Canada?
No, no issues have surfaced so far. They offered me two shipping options:
They are 2 box, the delivery charges by Mail are :
1) Expedited = 170,60 $ us Delay : 10 to 15 days
OR 2) Express = 247,50 $ us Delay : 5 days (working days)

I chose the cheaper option and it came, via USPS - Canada Post, as scheduled.
And then, I noticed a 3% "Foreign Transaction Fee" from Chase. :-(


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