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Does anyone have experience with the use of a guitar for cutting? In particular , any feedback about manufacturer, where to purchase, new vs. used, plastic base vs. metal. Comments about the pavoni brand would be helpful as well. Thanks-

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This is strange - I noticed Alana saying something similar when she purchased a book from a Canadian store. When I purchase from the US, my credit card charges me the exchange (which is padded a little to their advantage), but there is no added fee like this.
One of the challenges that many chocolatiers face is scaling up production. Maybe you started by hand and you're looking to grow but you're really not big enough yet to shell out $3000 or so (including shipping, etc) to purchase a guitar.

On another thread I posted a link to a two-part silicon truffle mold. You put the two parts together, pipe in the center (e.g., ganache) scrape off the excess and let harden. Remove the centers and dip/enrobe.

The same company offers a set of four molds to make centers in four other shapes. For some people this might be a comparatively inexpensive way to bridge the gap between cutting by hand and purchasing a guitar.
I got a double guitar from savy goiseau it's a nice one,very practical versus the single one,the quality is great very solid all metal.
I'd really like to get a guitar, as I do 4 slabbed varieities, but for the moment, I've found a cheaper alternative.

In some of the kitchens I've worked, I've been spoiled by the Matfer cutting wheels. This is a device consisting of aprox. 30 s/s discs (sharp), threaded on a rod, with spacers between the discs and rolling pin style handles. The price for this was at last checking around $300, and I'm a cheap guy.

What I found at the local dollar store was cheap pizza wheels so I bough a dozen and drilled out the rivet, made some 7/8" spacers from 1" plastic pipe, threaded the assembly onto a length of 3/8" threaded redi-rod, and made some handles for it.

It works quite well for slabbed ganaches, and while it won't cut through slabbed cast caramel, it does mark them nicely. If I can find more pizza wheels I'll make some more in different sizes....

Please post a photo of your home-made cutting wheel for us to admire!

:: Clay
A coupla years ago I got a guitar (the plastic base one) and it is okay. I sure wish I would have read this before and held out for the Dedy! But the one I have works okay, except that several of the strings are broken from early on and the replacement wire bought through places like chefrubber is very expensive. From what I can figure out, it is some kind of stainless steel wire. Can anyone tell me if it is something special, or where I might be able to find such wire? I read the word "Inox wire" related to it, does that mean anything to anyone?
Hi Sarah,

'Inox' just means 'stainless-steel.' I will check around to see who might have some replacement wire. I'd shop more at Chef Rubber but WOW their prices are super-high...

I can't believe the site just ate my reply...

First of all, I think that any hobby store e.g. Michaels, will probably carry s/s wire that you could use to fix your guitar.

Places that sell guitars, e.g., must also sell it but I wasn't able to locate it on their site after a quick search.

Chef Rubber's claim that "This wire is better then [sic] what came on your cutter originally" must be true because HOLY COW! 200' for $500! You could probably build another guitar for $500...

Check out Design and Realization. Their site is a bit clunky, you can't search and you can't link to a particular page, but select 'Guitar for Chocolate and Candies' on the left-side navigation bar and scroll down until you see 'Wire for guitar.' US$37.35 for 295' will fill the bill nicely.
Wow, Thanks. Yes, the chefrubber thing nearly gave me a heart attack. I like a lot of their products but agree that they are costly. I will check out D & R. That is more in the price range I was thinking, that is for sure!

THanks for the info. Are you having fun with your new cutter? Did you survive the holidays intact? I loved the snow but it did put a bit of a crimp on business at the shop...

Happy new year,

I love the new cutter. It's going to make my work faster and improve precision - can't ask for more than that! The snow definitely impacted my business, too. Had to delay (or even cancel) getting out some last orders but what can you do when it's not even possible to get the car out of the driveway.

But I do love how beautiful it is when it snows.
I also recently bought a Dedy with four frames directly for the producer and I LOVE it!
Corresponded via email. Wired the money to a German bank account. Had to pick it up at the U.S. customs office at the airport. I wasn't expecting that. Found out because the cutter cost was over $500 I SHOULD have gotten a "bond". Not sure what that was about but customs was nice about it and let me take the cutter without a bond (as long as I promised to get one NEXT time). Cost $2500 US ($1680 EUR) in Sept. 2008. It's a big investment but the accuracy and efficiency is immeasurable. Really makes a difference in a professional look. Funny, the pictures I have posted on The Chocolate Life are of truffles I made before I bought the cutter.
Yes, the Dedy is a high quality chocolate guitar, and in my opinion the best out there. Save yourself the hassel of dealing with Customs, required bonds, etc. We do this for you and provide product support as well -- plus, offer it at a better price. You can't go wrong! -- For additonal information, see or call toll free: 877-777-6982 or 316.636.4443.


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