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Does anyone have experience with the use of a guitar for cutting? In particular , any feedback about manufacturer, where to purchase, new vs. used, plastic base vs. metal. Comments about the pavoni brand would be helpful as well. Thanks-

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TCF Sales (aka The Chocolate Fountain) also provides chocolate guitar stainless steel wire, and distributes Design & Realisation products, as well as other popular chocolate equipment in the U.S. and abroad. --DR used to mfg. a chocolate guitar but currently they do not. -- Regards.
I just joined this forum and was reading throught this thread. I bought my guitar directly from Prefamac (in Belgium) back in 2001. Paid about $1000 (US) incl shipping for a guitar w/ 3 frames. It is all stainless steel (no plastic base) I am sure it is more expensive now with the exchange rate and all, but maybe worth a shot.

Also, in regards to replacement wire, I recommend checking out Grainger. We bought a spool of stainless steel wire for about $50.00. They have a bunch of different thicknesses we ended up buying a slightly thicker and more durable wire than what had come with the guitar. I don't think I have broken a string in like 4-6 months...

Good luck.

What gauge wire did you buy?
Can't remember (and i threw away the box it came in). Basically, I took in a piece of the wire that came with the guitar and they measured the gauge at the Grainger store. I then bumped it up a bit for a slightly thicker wire. It's nice because we can use the guitar to cut caramels without breaking any strings.
I searched for Grainger online - and found a site that carries s/s wire but it's for a musical instrument. Is that the same wire?
A search for "wire" at the Grainger site turns up the following:
Grainger wire search (3 pages of results).

If anyone has more info about wire thickness, we could go from there.
I'm impressed that you can cut caramel without breaking wires - is there any difference with the larger gauge wire cutting ganches or Pates de Fruit?
No, there is no difference in cutting ganache vs. pate de fruit vs. caramel, they all cut very clean. However, our caramels are pretty soft, so it's never really an issue. We also use the guitar to cut praline and other bon-bons that contain chopped nuts and we will occasionally break a string, but not often.

About 80% of our products are cut on the guitar, as we mostly do enrobed pieces v. molded. It really is an indispensible tool, I couldn't function w/o it....
Yup, that's it.


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