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Now that it's February, many channels seem to have special shows on our favorite topic all month- Chocolate- here we can inform each other of chocolate TV coming up:


FEB 6, 9pm, All Star Chocolate Recipes

FEB 9, 8pm-11pm Food Network Challenges featuring Chocolate and Chocolate evening gowns are created by 5 top pastry chefs!

FEB 10, 7-9pm, Food Network challenges using chocolate

FEB 10, 9-10pm, Iron Chef America- chocolate battle

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More Food Network shows!

FEB 11, 8:00- 10pm, a Chocoblock with Alton Brown/ Good Eats making fudge, The Secret Life of Chocolate History, and Chocolate Unwrapped!

ck their website for repeats and more chocolate shows- just type in the keyword and you get plenty to watch!
The History Channel has a great series called Modern Marvels and on Thur 7/3 they are covering the history of Chocolate! Highly recommended so set your DVRs!


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