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Has anyone tried Trader Joe's 72% Chocolate Bars? They come three 1.67 oz bars for $1.50. Imported form Belgium. The chocolate is not bad!

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i forgot to add....they also have these dark chocolate pistachio toffee- type clusters that are REALLY good too...i thought they might be too sweet for our taste but we love them....they are very nice to serve with a good chai or black tea or really good coffee for guests...also addictive...can't remember the name of them but maybe pistachio crunch or something like that...if you look for them tho you will find them in the little clear plastic tubs-like the almonds....worth searching for!!
"I just wish they would make public, as most companies do, some details about the production. But that's just me."

Many companies have special deals with repackers and house brands that mean that they are not allowed to disclose that information. They're usually selling it to Trader Joe's at far below their regular retail, mostly because it's a guaranteed contract for a huge amount of product and is supposed to be repackaged in a way that does not detract from the exclusiveness of their regular brand.

At one point TJs was carrying specialty sized Scharffen Berger for just that reason, so that people couldn't really do an apples to apples comparison. (I think that stopped when Hershey's bought SB.)

The cheaper the chocolate though, the more likely it is to come from a bean to bar company, as too many middle men mean too much markup.

Trader Joe's probably feels that it's far better for them to get the merchandise at low, low prices for their customers than the full disclosure of who is actually making the chocolate ... as I suspect that price is the first thing a consumer is looking at, not the origin of the product.

The way that I've figured out some of Target & Trader Joe's suppliers is to keep an eye on the recall notices. You'll find that when someone gets their package of X bars recalled because of undelcared nuts, it'll be for their brand and then perhaps three other house brands. (Most recently this was how I found out that Veritas is doing some of Target's Choxie products.)
I thought I heard somewhere that the TJ pound plus was Callebaut, though I can't say where or when or even why I think that. I could've just "decided" that myself long ago and then it became "Truth" in my head. Anyone able to verify?
Good info, thanks!
Hi Johnny I recently did a load of reviews on my site about Trader Joe's stuff. I live in the UK so its pretty hard for me to get hold of but luckily I have a nice friend in American who sent me a massive box full of the stuff. I must say the Chocolate covered coffee beans are to die for!!! Take a look at my reviews and let me know what you think.
They are very good quality. In an interesting summary and rating report by Consumer Reports earlier this year, the Trader Joe's product was rated 10th in this crowded sku of Dark Chocolate (just below Dagoba.) If anyone knows for sure who's co-packing the Trader Joe organic dark, I'd love to know. I'm thinking it's from Maramor who does some End. Species and other organic products (Newman's Own) but not sure if the chocolate comes from Blommer or Debelis. Don't think it's Barry Callebaut organic. (Which is the Dagoba bar.)
Information appreciated !
The organic dark (at least some of it) is from Terra Nostra in Canada. But I'm not certain if they're bean to bar ...
On a tangent--

Andrea said, "Don't think it's Barry Callebaut organic. (Which is the Dagoba bar.)"

Andrea (and others who might know),

I'm reviewing a Dagoba bar at the moment, so are you saying that Dagoba is a fondeur who uses Callebaut organic? I always like to know if a company is bean-to-bar or not.
Yes, the purple ones are my standby grab packs. They have accompanied us on many picnics and been tossed in many backpacks. Plus, they imenseley impress anyone to whom I offer a chunk.
Not to bum anyone out, but at my local (N. Cal.) TJ's, the supply has been slim. When I asked this week, I was told the supplier is backing out--unhappy with price. Now, this is hearsay, but from a TJ's employee.

I've been relying on the pound plus (and 10 pound bars in December) for my hobbyist/nonprofit projects and am thus very disappointed.

Anyone have any further scoop?
OMG i will have to buy them out next trip....we don't even have a TJ here yet and we get them when we travel to long island...this would not be good!!!!
This would be a tragedy indeed. I've developed a "Value Index" that has the ratio of my Overall Rating to Price. It uses a factor to adjust it to a 1-100 scale and the 72% Pound Plus is off the chart at 197! Second place is the TJ Bittersweet with Almonds Pound Plus at 165.


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