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Having read in Discover Chocolate and other books how rare the Criollo bean is, Im curious to taste bars made exclusively with it or some variety of it. So far im aware of these brands/ bars made with criollo:

Amedei Porcelana
Sur Del Lago

Anyone tried any others? Tasting notes? Depending on the beans fermentation/ drying/ roasting process there could be major differences in taste even if they are all criollo (learned from Clay's book) Would be interesting to do a blind taste comparison with them all.....

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Thanks so much for starting this Chocoflyer! :)

I highly recommend the Amedei Porcelana bar, which is the favorite out of the two I've tried. Here's my tasting notes:

Amedei: Chuao 70%

Powerful smell of toasted coffee and red fruits. The snap is extremely hard and the break is the cleanest I've ever seen. Just flawless. The aroma at the break is more spicy and roasted with notes of cocoa. The mouthfeel is very smooth with no grain. The flavor is very tart and fruity, I get the flavors of plums, cherries, prunes and raisins. The flavor grows and intensifies at first, then subsides to a subtler flavor of cream and butter. The finish is a tad tart and a little sour but very clean.

Amedai: Porcelana 70%

This smells very sweet, especially in comparison to the Chuao bar. I detect notes of vanilla, cream, caramel and a bit of almond. The break is also extremely clean with a good, healthy snap. The chocolate is smooth but feels dry and cool. I taste the flavors of vanilla, milk powder, some honey and a kiss of raspberry as the ned. Has a nice even progression of flavor and leaves a clean finish.


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