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I found this bar at my local gourmet shop that's meant to be a "rustic" drinking chocolate. It's made by this Italian company called Don Puglisi.

Anyone know of it?

The directions on the bar say to cut off one of the sectioned blocks and melt in hot water or milk. The only ingredients are 45% cocoa mass and cane sugar.

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Don Puglisi makes chocolate that is very similar to the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto bars. While I ran across Bonajuto in New York at Dean and Deluca, I first found the Don Puglisi at Bittersweet Cafe in San Francisco. I have the label somewhere in my collection. There is a forum thread on Bonajuto here.

I ran the first paragraph on the "la cioccolata" page through and this is the result:

The history of chocolate modican starts from distant places and times, from "failure" between Cortez and Montezuma, in 1519. It is said that the Aztec leader, as a sign of friendship, has offered a drink made up of cocoa beans coarsely chopped, with the addition of water, maize flour, chili, cinnamon and anise seeds. Drink welcome because little bitter. In fact, I first of Spaniards innovation was to add sugar cane.
Thanks Clay! It sounds so interesting, can't wait to try it!
Sounds a lot like the Mexican type chocolate by IBARRA (red and yellow pkg) that comes in "hockey puck" size wafers, divided to cut like a pizza, that you add to warm milk over the stove, mix and melt all together - makes a killer hot chocolate! Its just cocoa mass, sugar, and cinnamon- very simple- but not meant for eating straight. Has not been conched at all- very grainy. I would like to try Don Puglisi- Did you try to make the hot cocoa?
Yes, they do look very similar! I'm happy to see Ibarra put nutritional information for theirs, ha ha. ;)

I haven't tried it yet, I'm pacing myself! I'll report back when I do. :)


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