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Has anyone tested this little gadget yet?

The word from the manufacturer is:

The manual blender of the jug mixes the chocolate powder and milk in a smooth way producing an uncongested froth without too much squirting. The cleverly devised manual blender consists of a propeller attached to a spiral rod making it a fun-to-use tool and ensuring the best mixed chocolate milk - the "sinful temptation" par exellence! The jug turns into a multi-purpose object as soon as the lid is removed, carrying any liquid from milk to lemonade to water.

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We ogled this for a few minutes at Target one day. Decided it was a cross between a Mexican chocolate whisk and a french press. In true Alton Brown form, we set the unitasker back on the shelf. We use the electric whisk I got in Germany like this In fact, Curt just picked up another in Singapore (irresistible electronics, I suppose). Want one?
Ah, I've been thinking about getting one of those. Turns out Williams-Sonoma is home-based in Memphis, and they had them cheap at the outlet the other day but I managed to resist. Sounds like it's worth the $10. Should I pick one up? By the way, good work resisting the unitasker!
Yes, get one! They are great for all kinds of things – a real multi-tasker. Anytime you need to do some fancy whisking, especially salad dressings. Just be sure to rinse it immediately so the fine spaces don't get all cruddy.
I've been using a molinillo for frothy hot chocolate. A uni-tasker, yes, but it's very pretty. I guess I'm just old fashioned. ;)
I love molinillos! As an anthropologist, I've recently taken to giving them as gifts to chocoholic friends with a little story about how they're probably the first hot chocolate tool invented.

By the way, Lorna, I did invest in the frother, which has been great. Thanks!
That's AWESOME! What a great gift idea! Where did you buy them, just curious? I got mine from


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