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Top 10 Questions You Want To Ask Michael Antonorsi of Chuao Chocolatier

This is the first in a brand new series of discussions here on The Chocolate Life - a chance to ask questions of top chocolatiers, chocolate makers, and other people in and around the chocolate industry.

Our first guest is Michael Antonorsi, one of the founders of Chuao Chocolatier.

One of the reasons I have asked Michael to be the first in this series is that I noticed a lot of mention of them in various blog posts and discussions. I've known Michael for at least five years now and have seen the business grow from a small shop in a strip mall on the Pacific Coast Highway north of San Diego into a company with strong national brand-name recognition and distribution.

Then, Michael will look at the questions and pick up to 10 of the most interesting ones to answer. He will write his answers, send them to me, and I will post them back here in the Forum for everyone to read and comment on.

Ask away!
:: Clay

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Micahel, Thanks for coming to answer our questions. I notice that you, too, started out small and have developed your brand-name to great recognition. Congrats! I just started my e-store, yet have no money to fund it. The first year friends and family were great, yet the word did not spread as I expected it to. What is the best way to go about marketing with what very little monies I have to spare at present? My goal is to make this into my new career at which I will eventually get so huge as to go international with storefronts and all.
Michael- LOVE your banana choc0-pods- mmmmmm- thats such a nice unusual flavor . Can you PLEASE also make dark choc with banana and/or COCONUT and/or cinnamon? that would be heavenly! Thank you and best of luck with Chuao
Easy, what's your favorite chocolate? :)
In your estimation, what is the BEST choclate in the world?
I know the deadline is WAY over, but I would like to know why they chose the name Chuao when making no attempt to use any Chuao? Also, do they think this is the sort of thing that might cause confusion in an industry desperate for educated customers?


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