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A manila envelope graced my mailbox this week with a brand new issue of shiny, bound goodness. Cocoaroma is my favorite chocolate magazine. I've been slathering on the compliments since issue #1 came with a hand-written thank you note from the editor for subscribing (they have about six now). They are slow to come due to their meticulous content and photojournalism, but well worth the wait. I intend on coaxing out the next one with a truffle shipment.

A small publication out of San Francisco, this is a beautiful publication. This issue highlights social issues of cacao-producing regions including Vietnam and Venezuela, reviews chocolate in restaurants, features some exciting chocolatier profiles, and (I think mine is permanently creased open to this) Cru Sauvauge!

I know I sound like a plug, but I'm attempting to be a little more informative than "hey, check this out!" I am trying to get them to join this forum, but no news yet if anyone here is due to those efforts.

So, anyone still drooling over their latest issue of Cocoaroma?

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Wow so cool to see this mag is still in production- I got the first 3 issues long time ago then never saw it again! I am actually going to San Fran thurs, wonder if I can buy it out there? I will also look into subscribing- i know its much better than "Chocolatier" which is almost all recipes anymore (so sad, I loved that mag years ago but its really not good anymore for the price)- I agree with you Cocoaroma really KNOWS chocolate and loves every aspect of it like we do! Thanx for posting the cover too, very cool.
There is a list of retailers for their magazine on the website. If you can't find one while you're there, I highly recommend ordering one. They have slimmed-down the over-sized magazine it was in the first three issues to a normal magazine size, but all pages are still thick, glossy, color beauties.
Right on- how funny too I just ckd my email and CocoaRoma sent me a new issue email! I havnt heard from them in ages, then it comes up twice in one day- cool! Im all over it.....
It's sad about "Chocolatier". I remember being sent out of town by my employer to a class I had no business attending. (My boss didn't believe the class was intended for another position.) Anway, while sulking around I wandered into a bookstore at lunch and found Vol 1 #1 of Chocolatier! Has it been that long ago? I immediately subscribed and have a complete, unbroken collection of them.

I've since been looking for more and appreciate hearing of this new magazine. Good luck with it.
Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like a great magazine. I just ordered my copy.


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