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Is It Okay (Really) To Say You Like Milk Chocolate?

On the day before Valentine's Day, the New York Times published an article in the Dining In section about milk chocolate titled: Dark May Be King, but Milk Chocolate Makes a Move. For the article, writer Julia Moskin and members of the NY Times staff tasted over 30 milk chocolates. Their take: "Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as good milk chocolate."

Contributors include Chloe Doutre-Roussel (who offers up an amusing anecdote about an encounter with La Maison du Chocolat founder Robert Linxe) and Joseph Whinney, founder of Theo.

I have always considered myself to be an equal opportunity chocolate lover - I will eat any chocolate as long as it's good. Since my first taste of Slitti's 45% and 65% lattenero bars about five years ago, I have also been a big fan and proponent of "dark milk" chocolates - milk chocolate with a cocoa percentage of at least 45%. My current favorites? The three Bonnat 65% dark milks from Indonesia and the 49% Creole from Felchlin.

What about you?

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Fun article in the Times. There was this amusing article on chow earlier about snobbery and people who are ashamed to say they like milk chocolate, and a funny anecdote about how the Berkeley Chocolate Club who refused to include milk bars in their tastings was in for a surprise! I also wrote some thoughts on this on my blog. As to my current favorites, Java by Bonnat, (have not tried the other two,) Cluizel Mangaro, and Slitti Lattenero 52% (have not tried the other precentages, glad to hear they are great) -- now there's a bar for every day eating. And I'm a big fan of Santander Colombia Nacional in every form, including the milk. I have heard that the Plantations 38% is up there, this is the first I've heard of the Felchlin. Anyone heard of the Guittard Cru Sauvage Lait? Heard great things, but seems it is no longer around.
I'm the same, I'll eat any chocolate (even white *gasp*!) if it's good. I don't discriminate!

After seeing that article, I really want to try that Amedei Milk bar now....
I agree with you Clay, something you said a long time ago. It is OK to like anything that *you* like. There are many reasons that we choose to like tastes. Sometimes it is a childhood memory that we can't let go of, sometimes it is a love that we developed later in life through a more defined palate. Whatever the reason, if it is your favorite - that is just what it is. No need to explain or apologize. :)

My favorite milk is Cluizel 45%. Yummy!! Also, is it (really) okay to say I love Guittard? LOL Guittard's Orinoco 41% is wonderful.


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