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Can anyone recommend a chocolate cafe in New York City? I have a friend coming to visit who's a chocophile as well and I'd like a place that's good to sit and talk for a bit. I'd also like to be able to sample chocolate squares and/or bonbons as opposed to drinking chocolate or chocolate desserts.

The only ones I can think of at the moment are Vosges Haut Chocolate in SoHo, Michel Cluizel cafe in ABC Carpets and MarieBelle on Broome St.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! :)

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Jacques Torres in NoTri (north of TriBeCa - corner of King and Hudson) and on the UWS (73/Amsterdam) has coffee and chocolate beverages and you can sit at the bar or at tables or couches.

Not all that far from the NoTri JT is The Chocolate Bar in the West Village.

Charbonnel et Walker the UK chocolate company has a lounge in Saks on 5th across from Rock Center.

La Maison du Chocolat - both in Rock Center as well as on the UES on Madison Ave.

Way downtown in the Wall Street area is Christopher Norman. A couple of table tops and a counter. My favorite there is their champagne, white chocolate, and goat cheese truffle dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with roasted herbs.

On the UWS not sure if the Scharffen Berger boutique is still open, but it's at 83/Amsterdam.

Out in Brooklyn you could try The Chocolate Room (5th/Warren/Prospect -
Thank you so much for your reply Clay! I knew I was only recalling a few, but I didn't realize what a tiny tip of the iceberg it was! Wow!

I was thinking Michel Cluizel's place would be a good place to start since I know his chocolate so well. Are there any among these that you would specifically recommend (maybe instead)?
In addition to Clays list, I recommend Max Brenner's Chocolate cafe for a really fun, unique experience. Also please see my Top Ten list of Choc in NYC!! its a Forum....
BTW Max Brenners is truly a cafe with a sit down menu a la chocolate- its quite large and painted kinda like a choc factory- really fun!
The forum post Chocoflyer refers to is this one.
Pierre Marcolini on 57th & Park Avenue where there are exquisite chocolates to sample.

Richart on 55th between Madison & 5th Avenues.

Neuhaas in Grand Central on the upper level as you enter from the side of Vanderbilt Avenue.

La Maison du Chocolate which Clay mentioned has a second branch at Rockefeller Center and also has their signature ice creams and their chocolates and chocolate related patisseries flown in from Paris.

*adds to my list*

Thank you Seby. :)
Most welcome. I would like to add that Kee's Chocolates in Soho is a special favorite of mine and even though there are no chairs or tables where one can sit, there is ample room to stand and enjoy several chocolates. So do keep that in mind and if you do go there, be sure to taste the pitachio truffle (a favorite), the creme brulee truffle (a cult fave), the key lime and passion fruit truffle.


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