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I've had a Theobroma cacao for a couple of years now and have been keeping it not only alive, but occasionally flowering. Since my move to Michigan, I lost a branch and started getting brown tips on all the leaves. It's still putting out new leaves, but only about one flower or two in months. I have it near (but not too near) the heater and spray it all the time.

I wish I could take this tree to the next level – maybe get some height (it's about 2.5 feet) or at least loose the brown tips. I'm working on building it a little greenhouse. I don't ever expect pods, but at least a green, growing tree to add to my botanical assortment.

Anyone else have a tree and want to discuss?

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That's so cool! May I ask where you bought it?
I got it at a greenhouse sale at San Francisco State University while I was studying ecology there. I rarely see them at sales elsewhere since.
Oh cool! Sounds like you profited from a unique opportunity there. :)


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