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What are your favorite adult beverages to pair with chocolates?

In my book I devote a whole chapter to pairing wines and chocolates. Over the past few years I've tasted dozens of wines (some fabulous, some less so), and I will be sharing some of them here. I have also learned to appreciate chocolate paired with beers.

I encourage members share some of their favorites.

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As I mention in my book, perhaps my overall favorite wine to pair with chocolate is Prosecco; it certainly is the most versatile.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from Italy. It comes from a small denominazione in the Dolomite mountains northeast of Venice. Just as Cava is Spain's version of Champagne, Prosecco fills the same role. The Bellini, which was invented at Harry's Bar in Venice, is a combination of white peach nectar and Prosecco. It is not made with Champagne because it's an Italian drink, not a French one.

As a general rule, Proseccos are lighter, less acidic, and less alcoholic than many Champagnes. The bubble structure has a very creamy mouthfeel, which is one of the reasons I think it pairs so well with so many different types of chocolates.

My favorite brands are Mionetto, Carpene Malvolti, and Bellenda. You want to choose dry/brut Proseccos. There are even some wonderful rose Proseccos.
Glad to know someone else enjoys Prossecos paired with chocolate. At my last party, the theme was "chocolate". Every dish, savory and sweet had chocolate in it. I served bottles of Prosecco and tried to convince everyone to try it with my chocolate desserts especially the truffles. Somehow, I did not get any rousing approval from anyone. No matter, it is still my favorite combination. As you, I like, Mionetto and Malvolti
If you are interested in some interesting pairings, here's my recent article on the Top Chef/Bravo for Foodies blogs. I discuss my experiences at a recent chocolate, cheese, and beer tasting I participated in.
Do you have this article? It's no longer linked
Nope, they deleted it. I will look for it, though and post it.

Found it and it's now posted here.
Im not a beer or wine drinker, but I do love a good deep rich hot chocolate with Bailey's or Ameratto Di Sorono added....
Prosecco is really nice, I tried some Lambrusco too but it didn't work out. Some sherry-like dry white wines, for me went well with Madagascan chocolates. As to hot chocolate, which I usually prepare from Amedei Toscano Black 70 and whole milk (in the US, half-half is not bad neither) I add just a tiny drop of Matusalem 40 years old rum. It is a punch.
Matusalem is GREAT Dominican rum. Very good choice.
Is Dominican Matusalem one of the distillers that fled Cuba post-revolution? I greatly enjoyed an añejo Matusalem made in Santiago de Cuba when visiting there; I was under the impression it's a Cuban brand.
One of my favorite adult mix-ins with hot chocolate is peppermint schnapps.
Jack Daniels in hot cocoa is my favorite
Clay, what do you think of pairing an Argentine Malbec with dark chocolate? I ask this in light of the recent press this type of wine has recently received. As always, I look forward to reading about your opinion.


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