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One of my Chocolate Note readers recently sent this email. I do not have the inside scoop on packaging or design so thought this would be a good place to post. And this can open up a discussion about chocolate and design in general -- what are your favorites? And if you have ideas and suggestions for Todd, please post below!

Hello Casey -

I found your terrific blog in the course of researching for a short blog series for Red Black Brown about bars of dark chocolate that come in well designed packaging. What fun that we are both in Minneapolis! I haven't had much trouble finding good candidates but have had mixed luck finding out who is responsible for the packaging design. I've started trying to contact the chocolatiers directly (also with mixed results). I'm wondering if you have run across any good sources of information about chocolate packaging in your research that you might be willing to share?

Best of luck with chocolate note!

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One of the best package designs I have seen in the past couple of years is the packaging for Askinosie Chocolate's products - and that's not just because I was involved in its evolution. What is most important is that the packaging really does convey the "brand DNA" of the company - you can learn a lot about them just by looking at the package, not having to read it. I can tell you that it took months of going back and forth with the design team to select the logo, finalize the text, and then develop the exact form that the envelope took. In the end, it was Shawn's insistence not to settle for anything less than what was exactly right that led them to the final result. Shawn is real approachable so I would contact him directly if you haven't already.
I agree, Askinosie packaging and bar design are the bomb. I would also like to add two other favorites, Amano and Patric. Not to mention they all make wonderful chocolate. I don't mention packaging when I review chocolate bars as I want the focus to stay on the chocolate. But there are many great designs out there. I am also partial to Bonnat -- reminds me of Wonka bars!
Take a look at this article from a web site devoted to package design.

From the text: "The concept behind Tokyo's 100% Chocolate Cafe is to put your senses in the middle of a chocolate kitchen. They live up to their name with over 56 types of different chocolates, even cheese and black pepper chocolates. They also serve chocolate drinks, chocolate pastries, chocolate ice cream, and even chocolate sandwiches. Their packaging is pretty neat too! Continue reading below to see more."

Another entry from the same blog
about Mast Brothers Chocolate in NYC.


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