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Ok, I have this crazy idea that I'm throwing out there to see what you guys think. If it's feasible, I think it's be a really interesting and effective way to buy chocolate.

What if we started a list where we'd write in stores that we know carry a certain chocolate brands and types. Take for example, if I were to write about some shops in New York City, I'd list shopes that I've been in recently and what I've seen there. That way, if we were looking for a certain bar, we'd know exactly where to go get it.

For example:

Dean and Deluca (Prince St and Broadway): Bonnat (Chuao and 100% bars), Pralus, D&D Brand Bars, Christopher Norman Bonbons, etc.

Trump Palace Chocolate Shop (68th and 3rd Ave): Pralus (75% bars, Caramel Bar Pyramid), Amedei (Chuao, Procelana, Red, Blonde, White Pistachio, etc), Vosges (Wooloomooloo), Coppenuer, Chocolove, etc...

Whole Foods (14th st Union Square): Neuhaus 75%, Vosges line, Lake Champlain ( Bars, Truffles, 5 star bars), Valrhona (75%), etc.

This way, we'd have a resource to consult if we were looking for something specific.

So what do you all think? Do you think this would be useful? A waste of time?

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I noticed lots of stores missing and the random companies and offices listed in Chocomap. Good to know I wasn't the only one stumped by this.

Exactly what I'm after Clay. :)


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