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This purpose of this forum thread is to create a place where members can recommend their favorite places to purchase cooking and other books about chocolate. Please keep in mind that everyone knows the obvious sources (e.g.,, Barnes and Noble, etc.) what we're looking for here is the specialist sources that cater to people like us who are crazy about chocolate.

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I found a great site for buying cookboks, Jessica's Biscuit, "". The prices are very good (20 to 75% off) and selection is outstanding. They have over 150 books on Chocolate alone. One of the last books I bought was " Brownies to die for " by Bev Shaffer. I've tried two recipes so far, one cake like and the other fudgey, both great. My joy of baking and love of great chocolate keeps smiles on my friends and familys faces.
Buying cookbooks online has it's own benefits, mainly that it can be a lot cheaper.
However, there is nothing like going to a bookstore and browsing at a large selection, looking through the books and then either buying or purchasing it online.

A bookstore I enjoy going to is Kitchen and Letters on the Upper East Side.

There is also a tiny bookshop on West 10th Street devoted to cookbooks of all kinds.
The store on West 10th Street is called Bonnie Slotnik.
There's The Cook's Library in LA - walls & walls of cookbooks, with a travel book shop right next door. Near 3rd Street & La Cienega. Regarding the above post, thanks for the mid-west sneakret Gwen! Might take you up on it!


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