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Is artisan an overused word? Can a chain as large as Starbucks lay claim to the artisan label when it comes to a Starbucks-labeled chocolate?

What does "artisan" mean to you and what characteristics does a chocolate product have to have in order to be truly artisan?

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So weird, just today I was wondering about Christopher Elbow's operation while in his shop!
I noticed Starbucks had "small batch" coffee too. I haven't delved into it but wondered if it meant "relatively small compared to our other batches" or made in the back of the store...unlikely.

As for your question I'd think it would depend on the source of the chocolate. But with the size of Starbucks it seems hard to believe an artisan could keep up the supply.
an artisan is craftperson that who crafts items that may be functional or decorative, clothing, jewelry, household items, and many other tools. they always make such Fair trade products with quality or sustainability to promote or serve in front of people . . .
Artisan lable would be the same for any art form. Anyone can draw a picture, but not everyone is an artist. The artisan is someone who makes something that will evoke a feeling. Be it a painting, a book, a sculpture that makes you feel happiness, pride, empathy.... The same thing is for chocolate or confections. But with confections being a culinary art, it has to evoke the emotions with all 5 senses. Miss the effect on any of the 5 senses and it is not artisan.


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