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We are finally doing it! Actually having a Grand Opening of our new retail/factory space. It has been a wild ride. 6 years of constant struggle, nightmare hours, money bleeding, and pure angst.

Sounds like fun eh?

Well it is an entire week of events complete with a dual chamber "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony", Senior discount day, ladies night with a wine pairing, Guys Night with a beer pairing, "Wear your favorite tie-dye day", and a super secret stealth private party for 500 people. We are also paired up the local food bank and everyone who brings a non-perishable food item for the barrel gets a free chocolate from the case.

I am really thrilled with our new location. The exhibition kitchen is very open and people LOVE being able to watch us make stuff. Its a huge bonus for our county as it brings tourists and, hopefully, $$$ to us.

Anyway;....the festivities start on April 5th. call us or go our website for details.

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thanks gwen. you may be waiting a long time for the washington crowd to figure out anything, whatsoever....
Congrats Jeff and to your team- i was just at the Oregon Chocolate Festival (so fun- talked to you about the new NYC choc show space) and then we had a little time before my flight sunday so we went to your shop in Central Point (is that the one shop you are having the opening for? or somewhere else too?) I have great pics I can send along and REALLY loved the shop- yes very open windows to the kitchen and lovely staff and just AWESOME chocs- i swear yours were the best of the whole festival (although Bransons Amaretto Truffles were also incredible).
Im so impressed with your flavors and beauty of the chocs- I will be ordering more too i promise! For me and gifts-
Best of luck, and all i can recommend is a bigger sign on the building and maybe some grass instead of pavement out front....I know these things take time....Keep on Chocin On
Congrats! I wish I lived in the area so I could go! :)
To fellow chocophiles:I know we are all pinching pennies now in this economy, but if you have any to spare and are craving EXCELLENT chocolates, ck out Lillie Belles website and mailorder some- you will really be pleasantly rewarded!
Congratulations! We can't wait to stop by next time we're in town. Have a wonderful weekend, and much continued success to you.

Stan and Valerie
WOW! What a trip!

The food drive that is a core part of our opening has been wonderful! The community really got behind the "bring a can-get a chocolate" concept and the food bank hauled away to 55gallon drums yesterdat filled to the brim with non-perishable food stuffs. Well over 800lbs so far and we have all weekend to go!

Check out my daughter and I....

Congratulations on the opening and the success you deserve through all of the hard work and dedication to vision and craft you've displayed over the years. I remember when you first got in touch and sent me the first samples to taste. How long ago was that? 5 years? You are right. WOW. What a trip.

I also want to applaud you for reaching out into the community and finding a way to use people's love for chocolate in a positive and beautifully constructive way. It speaks well to who you, Belle, and Lillie are as people and to the values you want LillieBelle Farms to represent.
Congratulations Jeff! Much success and fulfillment of dreams to you!
Thank you all!

Tonight is "Guys Night" where a local brewer is bringing 3 of his better ales, porters and stouts to pair with a few select flavors. Should be fun and if it ends up like last night's "Ladies Night" - a wine and chocolate event we did where at one point there were 200 wild women on wine and chocolate in my store at one time- its should prove be quite the night. I doubt I will get as many lascivious propositions from the guys......... but you never know....


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