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Im heading to Quebec in the next year for a tour of the area/province, and am compiling a list of all area chocolate shops- any suggestions? Ive also heard there's a chocolate festival there too- anyone been? Thank you- always good to get tips from locals!

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I know that this is not the insider local tips, but try the following two searches:

When you find a result (a shop) that you like, Google that and you'll probably find some comments from a local.

This page ( also has a number of interesting links to shops and other festivals. If you make it to St Stephen in New Brunswick DO NOT miss Ganong Chicken Bones - one of my all-time favorites. You might be able to find them in Montreal, too.

Although it might not make sense immediately, try this page for a list of exhibitors at a festival in November - some of them are in Montreal:
Thanx Clay- I also found not only a choc FESTIVAL but a choc MUSEUM too- in the little town of Bromont, about 40 miles from Montreal. Its in May this year- I cant afford to travel that soon but hopefully next year- im sure May is just a lovely time to visit Quebec!
I used to live in Montreal, and right now am just about 5 miles from the Quebec border in Vermont

There are a lot of good choices in terms of Quebec chocolates:

A very nice artisan chocolate place in Montreal is:

Les Chocolats de Chloe

She does really lovely flavours and is very very high quality. The shop is in the middle of a part of Montreal called "Le Plateau" -- sort of the bohemian/artsy/yuppie part of town -- a great area to spend time running around and absorbing the atmosphere

Also highly recommended is

Genevieve Grandbois -
Very high quality chocolate, beautifully made, with great ingredients

Her main shop is also in the Plateau neighbourhood - but she also has an shop at the Atwater Market -- one of Montreal's great markets -- well worth the visit - my favourite is the Jean-Talon Market, but Atwater is also good.

Also in the Plateau is Suite 88 Chocolatier - great chocolates with a really fun attitude. It is on St Denis street, which is the heart of Francophone chic Montreal -- it is a great shop and a great experience -- don't miss it! (Right next door is Brulerie St. Denis -- a great coffee roasting shop that is fantastic -- and the smell of their coffee roasting - they do it on site - is amazing)

In the downtown area, I'd recommend "Divine Chocolates" on Crescent Street (sort of the English trendy street of Montreal, although not as snotty as it used to be). Their chocolates are more traditional Belgian style -- very nice.

Also on Crescent Street is a lovely shop - Chocolaterie Suisse - they import all of their chocolates from Switzerland.... they've got a nice selection.

If you enjoy pastries, absolutely do not miss "La Brioche Lyonnaise" -- it is a fantastic patisserie -- I gain weight just looking at their gorgeous display case. It is on the lower part of St. Denis Street ... below the Plateau, closer to downtown.

There are a ton of small shops, bakeries, coffee places etc all over Montreal where you can get great chocolate baked treats, real hot chocolate, and a taste of Montreal -- it is fantastic to just wander around enjoying the atmosphere on streets like St Denis, Laurier, Mount-Royal, and St. Laurent .

If you get the chance to go to Quebec City - there is a really nice chocolatier there, Eric Normand, he calls his place a "Chocolate Museum" but it is really basically a very very nice high quality chocolate shop -- he makes some really great innovative truffles and filled chocolates.

Quebec City is a really nice place to spend a couple of days -- unlike Montreal, it is overwhelmingly French (97% or so) -- the centre of the city feels like an old medieval town, and all in all it has an extremely European feel.

I've never been to the Bromont museum/ chocolate festival -- it is only about half an hour away, and I'll definitely check out the festival this year.

Hope these help -- feel free to let me know if you need any more info planning your trip -- as you might be able to tell from my response, offering food advice about Montreal is one of my favourite things to do!
Wow, thank you SO much for taking the generous time to reply with all this great info- I will certainly print it, use it, and can't wait to visit!


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