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Finally, a test you don't have to study for! Take the chocolate personality test.

I tested one level down from "hardcore" dark. I do believe that there is such a thing as good milk chocolate and I do eat it on a fairly regular basis - so my answers to the quiz did a good job of predicting the kind of chocolate I like to eat.

How about you? What's your chocolate personality and did the quiz provide an accurate assessment of your chocolate personality.

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Test results: Medium Dark - prefer dark chocolate but occasionally eat milk chocolate.
Accurate =)
I tested Medium Dark which is spot on. My favorite milk chocolate (with curry and coconut) is Vosges' Naga Bar. Pure heaven.
It turns out I'm a medium/dark. I believe this because of my love of Mexican chocolate.
I got classified as milk/dark. This was pretty accurate for me. I love dark but I also crave a good milk from time to time. In the past 30 minutes I have had both. A piece of Vosges bacon bar which is milk and a piece of 77% dark cuyagua from Venezuela which I made myself. Spot on!!
I am a medium dark... pretty accurate!
They pegged me as a Medium/Milk which is close. I would put myself at a Milk/Dark. However, dark has only been calling to me the past year as I discover more and more wonderful chocolate out there.
Interesting... I just clicked on the test again and this time different questions were posed. They now pegged me as a Medium/Dark. Again close - but I would still put myself as a Milk/Dark. As a matter of fact, I'm nibbling on Stitti's dark milks right now. Telling! I purchased the 51%, the 62% and the 70%. Slitti said that his favourite was the 62%. It is very good. They are all good... quite delicious... but my preference is the 70%. I'm really liking these dark milks. Can I make my own by combining cocoa mass and milk chocolate to get the % I want? I think I have a new love...
You can blend a dark chocolate (it doesn't have to be cocoa mass) with a milk chocolate to get a new percentage in a dark milk. The temper point may be a little different but I do it regularly.
Thanks Clay. I'll definitely try it. I mentioned cocoa mass because I want to make a 70%. Other than cocoa mass, the highest % I have is 70%! I think I'll do a lighter version as well though - I really like Cocoa Camino's 70% and I think it would make a fantastic dark milk.
Test results came back as Medium/Dark (so very true) but admit I didn't think the questions would produce the right answer.


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