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I want to pick up a few bars that I can't find in my local stores, but I'd prefer to buy them all at the same place instead of lots of direct purchases from the makers.

On my list at the moment are:


Does anyone know of a webstore that carries any/all of these?

I usually order from Chocosphere, but they don't carry these small brands yet.

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AS near as I know Steve DeVries does not generally allow anyone else to sell online. I managed to convince him to let me sell the 72% Costa Rican as a part of my "Young Turks" collection, and I also have the 70% Patric Madagascar if you are interested.

Taza appears to be available only from their web site although there is a place in Venice, CA that sells it: Market Gourmet 1800A Abbott Kinney Blvd.

:: Clay
Thanks for the offer on the Young Turks. I already have a couple of Amano (love the Ocumare) and Askinosie, so I'm hesitant to buy more of them.

I'll see if I can mosey over to Venice one of these days to see what they have. (I'm sure lots of other good things to distract me in addition to the Taza.) And then just pony up all the delivery charges, I guess.


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