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This is a forum thread where we can share our favorite quotes about chocolate.

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I've just revised my archive:


Las cosas claras
y el chocolate espresso

Ideas should be clear
and chocolate thick

Spanish proverb

Twill make old women young and fresh,
Create new motions of the flesh.
And cause them long for you know what,
If they but taste of chocolate.

James Wadworth (1768-1844);
A History of the Nature and Quality of Chocolate


Stress wouldn’t be so hard to take if it were chocolate covered.


Anyone who knows chocolate and yet prefers to smoke
is either mentally disabled or a chimney!


The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and by Shakespeare.
Neither knew chocolate.
The Swiss are known for nonviolence. They are also known for superb chocolate.


Chocolate doesn't make the world go around, but it sure does make the trip worthwhile


In the beginning, the Lord created chocolate, and he saw that it was good.

Then he separated the light from the dark, and it was better
Schokolade ist fassbar, greifbar und vor allem essbar gewordenes Glücksgefühl.

(my attempt to translate)
Chocolate is a feeling of happiness, which has become tangible, concrete and, uppermost, edible.

Wim Wenders
German film director
My favorite is:
"Ne croyez pas que le chocolat soit un substitut a l'amour est un substitut au chocolat," which translates to:
Don't believe that chocolate is a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate.
Miranda Ingram
This quote is not about chocolate, but I think it applies:

"No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

H.L Menken


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