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"What do you mean they're closed?!?" - a story of chocolate discovery

Several months ago I visited San Francisco- choco-paradise- with the sole intention of finding every chocolate shop in the city (ok I also took a regular city sights tour) and to take the Gourmet Walks Chocolate Tour. Among the shops on this tour was Fog City News, which i had heard about and was SO excited to see- over 200 brands of choc in one room! This was seriously like a pilgrimage and sure to rock my world- until the tour started and the guide says" "Unfortunately Fog City News is closed for Presidents Day" - wait WHAT??? are you kidding me? Freakin Presidents Day!!???? what kind of reason is that to close? well it just so happens that Fog City News is in the Financial District which was all shut down for that extended weekend so....crap. CRAP on a CRAP CRACKER i say! now what? Im all the way here from Florida! Its not like I can just come back in a few days or next week! So i try to get over it by enjoying the rest of the tour (See's and Leonidas were substituted for Fog Ctiy- so i was happy enough- tour was still great).
Well next day im on a mission in another part of town and have Chocolate Covered on my list- having never heard or read about it, all i have is the address. It looks small and unassuming from the front, but upon entering I am completely dumbfounded and shaken to my core- this is it! THIS is the WALL OF CHOCOLATE i was hoping & dreaming to see at Fog City! OMG there were so many bars & varieties of choco-goodness i could hardly take it all in, and the owner was immediatly friendly and helpful, we chatted and had much knowledge in common- I was so stoked to find this place and he agreed he is compared to Fog City a lot but in a totally cooler neighborhood and with an even bigger selection! So i was just thrilled to pieces, this shop made my day after the massive disappointment day before- anyone looking for any kind of choc bar can find it right here in a cute shoe box size shop called Chocolate Covered- Thank you Jack, thank you ten-fold. Many choco-blessings to you good man. Choc on.

(and yes, i will be back for Fog City next time...)

Please share YOUR chocolate discoveries here, it would be fun to hear everyone's adventures and travel stories!

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