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Hi Everyone,

This is a great little community I stumbled upon today! Lots of great information.

I wanted to also invite everyone over to my chocolate review website, I have been running the site for about 18 months and we are finally starting to get quite a few really good reviews. Check us out and message me if you like what you see.


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Hey Patrick:

Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I hope that this does not constitute your only contribution to this community and not just a way to drive traffic to yours.

As you've made this a public discussion, I would appreciate it if people who do visit MyChocolateJournal post their impressions here and not (just) privately.

:: Clay

My Chocolate Journal is a good site with lots of potential. I was a member there before I joined here. I have a question for you, but I can't find a way to contact you. Would you please email me at olorin7 (at) ?

I have sent you an email at the address above buy have not heard back from you... Feel free to post your question here (it it is ok with you Clay?) or use the contact us form at the bottom of our website.

I got your email. Thanks. I've just been putting time into other things, so I haven't replied to you yet. It's no big deal, but I'll try to get to it.
Cool... I totaly understand....just wanted to make sure you got the mail. :-)

Thanks for the note and no, this will not be my only post! I look forward to discussions here! I had been on and it got to be a bit too pretentious.


Thanks for the good humor and for the posts you've made. I am a little sensitive to this issue because it's one I have run into a lot with all of my other web publishing efforts. You'll notice that one of the Golden Rules is that I don't tolerate MLM/networking marketing companies. I have had a lot of bad experiences with one company in particular where associates would register on one of my sites and within moments their first post was one selling their product and inviting people to be a part of their downline. I try very hard to create an environment where people don't think they're constantly being sold to.

Regarding I haven't spent a lot of time there even though Martin Christy and I were corresponding around the time he officially started up. I am certainly hoping that we will be able to retain a sense of humor here. I mention that specifically in my book ... "Take a Deep Breath and Repeat After Me: It's Just Chocolate."

We can have fun and take chocolate seriously - but we need to be careful not to take ourselves too seriously. After all, in the end it is just chocolate.

That said, welcome again and I look forward to your continued involvement here.

:: Clay


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