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American, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers: A Complete List

Hi All,

I have never seen a complete list of American, bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Since most American companies that market chocolate or chocolate products don't actually make it, I thought that it would be interesting to compile a list for everyone to see who really does make it, and who doesn't.

I'll type the first entry, and if everyone could copy it and add to it in each additional post, along with comments and questions, then that would be great.

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I will be visiting the Brothers next week. Excited to meet them and see their shop/factory.
you can add us to the list. we have made 4 outstanding chocolates from beans from venezuela, DR, and ecuador....all used in bon bons in out store....

another shark in the pool....
"All of our chocolates are made with a proprietary blend of organic couvertures." From your website.
Are you bean to bar or do you blend couverture? If you are making it from the bean, I think you might want to make that clearer on your site. Just a suggestion. ;)


it is not on our website for a reason. we just started it and have only slowly allowed the public who walks into our store the opportunity to try and buy. I have no intention of selling our bean to bar on our website at this current time. I need a new SKU like I need another hole in my head. besides, I went through 10 metric tons of couverture last year...I am not going to be able to ever make that kind of quantity.

Hi everyone,

I'm not the boss of the list or anything, so please feel free to add new companies to the list at will (just copy, paste, and add a company). For the sake of everyone who cares, just please make sure that they really belong there.


Just so everyone knows, Jenn Harn is a PR rep for Dove.
I figured as much

hey cybele....we made a new bar and I thought of you...its called;

Dove Chocolate is crafted from "bean to bar." Dove uses specially selected cocoa beans to deliver the signature taste, a special process that produces the signature silky smooth texture, and thoughtfully designed chocolate shapes and packaging to provide a chocolate experience like no other.
-Jenn, Dove Team
This surprises me to hear that Dove is bean-to-bar. Is anyone else surprised by this as well?
It all depends on what your definition of "bean to bar" is. I think most people think that in order to be bean to bar you have to be a small producer. You don't.

Dove (which is sold under the Galaxy name in the UK) is a Mars brand. So somewhere there is a Mars/Dove factory (or factories) where beans are processed to produce chocolate that gets wrapped in Dove wrappers for sale to consumers. That's bean to bar.

Bean to bar is a process description not a quality metric.

Now, Hershey no longer processes beans, they buy liquor. So they're not bean to bar. Callebaut deposits large bars of chocolate mostly used by professionals. So they are a bean to bar company.

I think that there are other process labels - "artisan" and "craft" are really applicable to smaller scale production and are more useful and usable than bean to bar has become.
Kristen Hard, owner and Master Chocolate Maker of Cacao in Atlanta, Georgia, needs to be added to this list. She has been making her own chocolate since the beginning of 2009 and is the first female bean to bar producer in the U.S..


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