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American, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers: A Complete List

Hi All,

I have never seen a complete list of American, bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Since most American companies that market chocolate or chocolate products don't actually make it, I thought that it would be interesting to compile a list for everyone to see who really does make it, and who doesn't.

I'll type the first entry, and if everyone could copy it and add to it in each additional post, along with comments and questions, then that would be great.

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Just heard of another possible bean-to-bar in the makes. I have heard great things about this shop in Asheville, NC. Haven't been there though. They mention their plans in the newsletter link on their site. Can't wait to try!
So, is this the new trend in shops? I would love to "make" my own chocolate too....but for now I am certainly happy to be the chocolatier that I am. I want to master one thing before moving to the next. I guess I could go back to the thread on "re-melters"...but I worry that us small artisan fonduers will increasingly become "frowned upon" for not making our own chocolate. I guess it all depends on what chocolate you use, right? ...and how we use it...
Sorry my link didn't attach.... they are: Click on their newsletter link and scroll down until you see "Seed to Bar" .
I guess it is my own fault for being left off of the list.

CHOCOLA'TE in Bisbee, Arizona is beans to bar and we have been since 2008.

I am adding to the list.

Sibu Sura Chocolates in Maryland

Would Fine and raw chocolate be considered for the list

I visited their factory last week in Brooklyn and they make their bars


Sjolinds Chocolate House in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin is making nano batches bean to bar.

At It's Chocolate we do it all from roasting to wrapping.


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