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How to create hyperlinks (links to other pages) in posts

A number of people have expressed that they are having problems using the hyperlink function to add links to their forum and blog posts and comments.

To create a hyperlink:

FIRST - select the text that you want to add the link to.
SECOND - click on the link icon in the toolbar above the panel where you type in the text of your post or comment. (It's to the left of the image icon and to the right of the strikethrough icon.)
THIRD - in the pop-up dialog, enter the fully qualified URL (include the http://) of the page you want to link to. (Usually it's easiest to have that page open in another tab or in another browser window and copy it - then paste it in the pop-up dialog.)
LAST - Click okay.

The HTML code for the link will be inserted in your post. To make the link more obvious, make sure the link text is still highlighted and then click on the "B" icon to make it bold text.

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