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Reach Out, Lend a Hand - The Chocolate Life Microfinance Fund provides an innovative funding mechanism offering micro-finance opportunities to entrepreneurs around the world.

One such Kiva entrepreneur is Miriam Paredes. Miriam is looking for funds to purchase ingredients and supplies to enable her to expand her chocolate business, which is in La Paz, Bolivia. So far, Kiva members have lent her $50 of the $800 she is seeking. This is not the first time Miriam has asked for help through Kiva, and she has an excellent record of paying back her loans on time.

TheChocolateLife Microfinance fund will provide micro-finance loans to cacao, cocoa, and chocolate entrepreneurs - like Miriam - throughout the world through Loans to Kiva entrepreneurs will be repaid to TheChocolateLife Microfinance fund, and will be reinvested in suitable projects.

All supported projects will be highlighted in this forum thread. Make your contribution today by clicking on the "ChipIn" button in the widget near the bottom of the right-hand column. ChipIn is a service that help people raising funds for projects.

:: Clay

PS. I am supporting this fund by paying the PayPal transactions charges (ChipIn uses PayPal as the means to get donations to recipients), which are roughly 3%. So, when you donate $25, your entire $25 will go to the fund, not $25 less the transaction fees.

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