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What's the weirdest flavor/inclusion combination you've not only heard of in chocolate but have actually eaten?

Inquiring chocolate minds want to know.

I will start things off by saying that I think the Austrians are among the most adventurous when it comes to flavors in chocolate.

I used to think it was the Spanish when I was tasting the work of Enric Rovira (chocolate covered corn-nuts, pretty good actually) and Oriol Balaguer (the saffron truffles were definitely an acquired taste, and it was a lot of fun to give someone his pop-rocks chocolate without telling them what it was ...).

Lately, however, I think the prize has to go to Zotter. I took a look at a bar with an asparagus or artichoke and something or other filling and decided instead (whatever possessed me I do not know) to try the mustard and coffee bar. It wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds, thought it is not something I would buy for myself (I got mine at Fog City News in SF) ever again.

There is another Austrian company I have heard of that is making camel's milk chocolate for sale in the middle east. I would definitely try it (at least once) just to know how it tasted different from cow's milk.

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Say about few years back I tried Lamb Curry which tasted divine.

Coming from Indian back ground, Curries are staple yet haven't tried anything like this.

Wondered what made it finger licking delicious and its Dark Chocolate...

From then on, when I have gathering, i add dark chocolate to my Lamb Curry and always famous. Worth trying.

Our most popular truffle is a dark chocolate grapefruit balsamic.


My newest experiment is tarragon and 55%. YUM.

I recently tried dark (about 60% I think) with rose water essence.  I liked it but my other half didn't.  He doesn't like rose essence anyway -- says it tastes like soap.  While I did like it, it's not one I'd want every day, the way I like good plain, dark every day

Salt And Chocolate. At first I thought this was two taste bud extremes that could not possibly work. But one bite and I was hooked. The salt added an extra zing to the taste buds making them jump with excitement. 

yes, and the smoked alder salt that is out now is delicious with chocolate.....ground sage added to it with peanuts and chili is to die for.

During my time with Puccini Bomboni in Amsterdam we pushed the boundaries until the boundaries collapsed around us and then basically took a step back and just observed the mayhem going on in chocolateland. We would venture out and take a look... scuttle back to the safety of our cave and sample, discuss and critique what we had found. The worst was Lapsang Souchon tea ganache in 56% ...... tasted like smoked fish had been added. we had a go at japanese horseradish too . I have tasted Gjetost and Dolfin pink pepper at a cocktail party and that was  a winner. But I believe the fruitbasket has to go to Vosges and Michelle's Bacon Bar... freakin awesome.The ultimate No-No....... Pralines made with Breast Milk, I kid you not. cool question Clay, I'm lovin' it!

OK, the breast milk thing takes the cake.  There was a chef in Brooklyn, I think, that was written about maybe last year or so, who used the extra breast milk his wife produced to make cheese, ice cream, etc. and served it in his cafe/restaurant until he was stopped.  I thought donating it would have made more sense.  Combining it with pralines and chocolate?  No -- although I think there's at least enough material to do some stand-up comedy with the idea. 


I did recently have a taste of a John Kelly habanero & jalapeno truffle fudge bar.  Much more heat than the usual ancho/chipotle mix that is used by some chocolatiers.  It doesn't hit immediately, but when it does, it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

I just made a white chocolate wasabi ganache piece, probably the oddest I've tried and made. Some people like it some....not so much. So far 50/50 Still testing but that's the oddest for me

I'm not big on flavored chocolate, but I tasted some white and black truffle oil ganaches in dark chocolate, also olive oil ganaches in Montreal by Genevieve Grandbois.  Until reading your column here, I thought that was pretty far out. Some of the combinations described in the comments...I dunno.

Paul Young's marmite truffle

The weirdest one I've tried I think would be a cardamom piece from a chocolate shop in Delft. It was delicious but a very unusual combo. 
The weirdest one I've made, which people either loved or hated was a layered piece with strawberry pate de fruit  and white chocolate Parmesan ganache dipped in white chocolate. 

I am still trying to work out chocolate chili bars. Does anyone have any pointers on how to perfect it...When I add just cayenne powder to my bars, they are hot without any chili flavor...should I be satisfied with this? HELP!


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